PT blokes - on the net?

Just how many gym queens will find this site?

Those that have realised that a computer isn't for lifting up and down in sets of 20 will surely have knacked their PC by drooling on the keyboard.

Bitter?  Me?
No Gym Queens will find this site as they are too busy admiring themselves in the mirror & practicing "Run round my bronzed body 12 times after touching the red line, blue line, white line, yellow line & doing 12 burpees .........  GO"
Maybe PT Corps users could get some side mirrors for the monitor, then they could occasionally groom the slick back hair, adjust thier PT Corps Blazer and yell, "come on", come on" when the net is too slow.
We might be surprised some may find the sight when doing a search for Anabolic they may just type ARRSE?
No chance they might be able to do flik flac's and run about a bit but use a piece of technology that they can't
see themselves in constantly i very much doubt it!


eehhhhhhh! i thought when i listened to one gym wimp talking about PCs, especially when he asked is mate if he could get a real to life mirror screensaver.

ponces the lot of them
Back to the websites................GO!
I've got nothing against the PTIs that still do their 'proper' job.. you know, the ones that only run Coy PT or BFTs or whatever, and then go back to work afterwards.  Great!  PTIs are necessary for that kind of thing.  It's the real Gym Queens that I can't f'cking stand - the ones that are not PT corps, but they 'work'(?) full time in the gym anyway to try and look good..
I mean I apologise if there are any here - It's just my humble opinion, but get with it guys!  Is the only reason that you're in the army is beacuse the only gym you could work in in Civvy street is a f'cking pokemon gym or wot?  Get with the program.. do a REAL job!  Virtually every other Corps/Regt etc. has and end product, be it the Infantry producing dead people or the Musicians producing music.. Hell! Even Int like me have a job!  
Oh, and don't go saying that you make fit soldiers.. Soldiers make themselves fit.  95% of personnel where I am do their own PT.  Organised/remedial PT should be left to Army PT Corps.  You wannabes make me sick.. Either transfer or do what you joined to do!  :mad:

Hmm.. you'd think I have feelings on this subject!  :)
In my old Battalion, it used to run a cycle. 4 months in the gym beasting, 4 months doing Btn boxing, 4 months in the Gd Rm, then start cycle again. Suffice to say, these types would normally be 6'5", lots of tatoo's, a disjointed concept of real life with out t w a ting normal people as a 'job' and generally grunting at anyone less than the rank of WO I (RSM).

We used to have a 'posse' which included RSM (small bloke with inferiority complex and National Health specks), Bungalow (******* all upstairs) to his left, Boss Hog (Provo Sgt/Heavy weight champ/IQ of a plate of tripe), to his right and Godzilla (extinct large type with big teeth) following up to the rear. They would walk around camp all day rifting people for trivial things such as 'not humming the Btn March whilst ambulating to the block' and such like, they were the days!
It got terribly easy when these types were 'running bin bags for the season' as the RSM was on his own and it became easy to segrate O'Drisc**l out when his boys weren't with him!

Taught me respect though!

Anyone remember Poachers, Colly, 86?
But didn't it get easier when you got to Topcliffe!!!!!

BFT? - Well done you passed!
CFT? - You just did that as well!
A PTI once told me, and I quote....

"It's not all muscles and brawn, you've got to have a lot of brains to remember all the exercises too!"

I nearly wet myself laughing  :D
PTI's, not had much to do with them in the recent past ;D. Suppose someone has to meet the criteria! From what I gather, the requirements for selection are to have failed police dog selection!

Murph. It still makes me laugh to think you still carry the crossed swords! Bit like Adolf winning the Nobel Peace prize!

Just to enlighten a few here. Having just come from a 5hlt kicking Infantry Btn, I turned up to a certain independent AAC Flt in the late eighties to ask the fatal question 'I'm due a BFT and CFT cos I've just come back from four months in W Belfast', murph being the Flt PTI answers 'You got a bike mate? Cos if you have, follow me on mine and we'll call it a pass'! Quality! 8)

I believe the Wookie used gratuatous threats of violence to pass his? Am I right Murph?

I'll not even mention the 'deal' with the local farmer and I B*r*e*l regarding fuel and L Rover tyres/spares I inherited when you went on leave! Shall I say, a top initiation to the Corps! I tracked down the SQMS and asked on day one 'Where do I draw my webbing from?' All I got was a very blank look from a bloke called Simmo thinking I was barking!

Murph, again, thanks for the email, yours will be soon. ;)
;D :D :eek: 8) ::) :-X

Touch all 4 walls.......when i throw this ball, the person that it it hits will give me 50 of every thing i can think off-Yifter 1986.

If ya know 'im.....reply!

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