pt before breakfast

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by forrest, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. i recently heard that pt before breakfast is not done anymore for obvious reasons!!!

    can anyone confirm this for me??

  2. My regiment still does it.
  3. what regiment/arm is that if you dont mind me asking?? ta/regular??
  4. Regular, RAC
  5. we do ours at 7:30

    however in iraq we done it before breakfast
  6. cheers lofty, ill let you now what i find out
  7. Why? I like PT before brekkie, stops me throwing my frosties over my trainers half way round the route.
  8. i never eat breakfast before PT anyways

    prefer to have a few pieces of toast when im watching jeremy kyle :D
  9. Horizon BBC2 had a thing (say) 6 years ago on how you can manipulate the body through diet and exercise - gist of it was i) a good bit of phys on an empty stomach first thing causes a useful dump of human growth hormone, and ii) a big scoff with loads of carb and some protein after strength training causes an insulin dump and a big increase in gains.

    The suggestion was that you could manipulate your endocrine system to get some of the benefits of drugs without buggering yourself up.

    So a run before brekkie might be a good idea.
  10. It also helps to get rid of the booze from the night before, thus making you more alert and attentive to the days training.
  11. Don't know if it would be related, but I ran my best BPFA before breakfast and after a night of "culture" in Hannover... Maybe thats the secret?
  12. No pain . . . :wink:
  13. Early morning PT is convenient for the British army as it makes writing weekly training programmes a simple task. It is also a good way of waking everybody up, giving you a burst of adrenaline and starting the day on positive note; unfortunately, that is where anything positive about it ends.

    - Your body has not been fuelled by food for about 9 - 12 hours.
    - You are very dehydrated, the average human sweats about 1.5 pints a night during sleep.
    - All your muscle groups are stiff.
    - Any alcohol drunk the previous night is still in your system
    - The list is endless

    If the army instigated an afternoon only PT regime, we wouldn’t all be walking wrecks by the time we reach 40!
  14. And how do you think people survived before shopping for food was a possibility?

    A bit of PT before breakfast makes your body think it is working for its food, which is how nature intended it.
  15. What reasons?