PT before breakfast?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by OnTheBus, Feb 25, 2011.

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  1. What is the 'official' line on conducting PT for trained soldiers before they have eaten breakfast?
  2. Unless you're diabetic, I'd have thought you'd WANT to do PT before breakfast....cornflakes scratch your nose on the way back out!!
  3. Odd question. :? During my near 30 years of service in the US Army I always had to do PT before breakfast. I would imagine it's the same in HM Forces? :? It didn't hurt me none in the long run and often added an appreciation for the scoff that I was eating.
  4. Well we always get asked if we've had breakfast and drank plenty of water before PT, there's probably some sort of H&S stuff about it somewhere in case someone activates their spine release catch on a tab or something.
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  5. I'm a type 1 diabetic and do 90 mins cardio and 30 mins of circuits before breakfast each day. I take my insulin and eat afterwards. Not sure how it works with type 2 diabetics but most of them only have the condition because they were fat in the first place.
  6. Im sure there some blurb about having an hours break between eating and doing PT.

    However certain people are getting twitchy arses with Muslims complaining thay are expected to do PT in the afternoons having not eaten all day (During ramadan).
  7. Never met a PTI who could part me with food, LCL Pils however has had me spewing from the mouth and noise in tandem after 2 minutes of physical exercise.
  8. It was certainly the case at the RTC that you couldn't ask SuT's to do any PT before they had eaten breakfast. Something about not being able to function to full capacity without nutrients (etc etc) fuelling the body, and therefore increasing the potential for injury. The SMI enforced it rigidly - I'd hope he'd know best!?
    It was the first I'd come across it, and am not sure if this was purely for those undergoing Phase 1 trg or whether it applied to trained soldiers as well, and if so, is it generally ignored as a bit of a daft H&S ruling?
  9. Blood sugar is at its lowest first thing in the morning
  10. My unit has PT at 1100 every week day which writes off most of the morning.
    My energy levels peak between 1000 and 1200 so this is ideal in my case.
  11. Never bothered me, a plate piled high with scoff tasted much better after an hour on the area tabbing your head off and a red hot shower !
    Do they still do CO's runs? Always a treat watching the usual suspects dash for the shadows when the balloon went up for a Friday afternoon beasting :)
  12. If I know I've got PT early the next morning, I always make sure to have a good dinner the night before. I wake up about 20 mins before PT starts and throw a handful of wine gums down my neck, I usually don't bother having brekkie at all. I don't give a **** if 9 out of 10 nutritionists frown upon it, it's worked for me for 15+ years and I'm not changing it!
  13. For some reason I find it amusing that the AGC share a board with the RAPTC.

    The bunch of spineless, biffchit wielding, shirkers of anything remotely physically challenging.
  14. And the RMP.
  15. I did wonder about that, but stopped thinking about it after the third pint!