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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by regular_imbiber, Jan 27, 2012.

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  1. Was going to put this in the Health Forum or even the PT Corps Forum but thought I'd throw it to the wolves on here:

    What's the panel's thoughts on the type and frequency of PT as you grow older?

    I think there should be more scope for the individual to have a say in his/her regime (especially over the age of 35) although this should still tie-in with basic fitness requirements.
    After all,as you get older the Doctor takes more of an interest in you via PULHEEMS and even the requirements to pass BPFA (or whatever it's called at the time) are altered to take age into consideration.

    Even sportsmen take into account their age and/or injuries and tailor their regime to suit this but we in the Army can be doing exactly the same PT from the age of 15.5 to 50 and beyond possibly!!

    I must add that I'm 42 and have never failed a fitness test in 21 years service despite having received more than my fair share of injuries during that time so this is not the desperate plea of a fat knacker!!!
  2. Never mind the oldies. I'm 26 and feel 46! I've the knees of how I imagine auld yin's to be- creaky an knackered. That's what happens when a skinny cunt puts weight on his back.
  3. I'm 44 it's not the training that I find the problem it's the recovery time.
    After a good run/work out I am stiff as a board for the next two days the worst being the day after.
    Ive tried everything cool downs stretching nothing helps just have to suck it up and admit in getting an old fucker
  4. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    I'm 46 but feel like 26, just wish my fecking legs would agree!! Knackered knees? Take glucosomin (sp), my knees are pain free after 5 years of taking them.

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  5. Biffo,thats what I mean mate. We had PT today and even though I'm stiff as feck now,I'll need to go a run over the weekend so that PT next week doesnt feel like starting from scratch all over again. I remember when it was no problem to go on the piss and not worry about PT. Those days are now over..............
  6. What is it and where do I get it?
  7. Holland & Barrett have got a sale on at the moment. Just ask in there or get it from them online
    They come as pills, liquid or powders

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  8. wedge_cadman

    wedge_cadman War Hero Reviewer Book Reviewer

    PT today was a swift 6 mile bergan outing, than in itself was no issue, but my recovery time is shocking at 42, the rest of the chaps were off to the bar for the afternoon and night on the piss and I drove home and went to bed. oh to be their age again..
  9. Sounds good. Now the real problem is whether I'm being a mug for taking medical advice in the naafi! Something tells me I'm going to sprout breasts from my forehead and a cock from my chest after taking some dodgy pills!
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  10. I am still as fit as I was at 18. I was a lazy big fat f*cker then and I can safely say nothing has changed ^_~
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  11. At 42 my fitness hasn't changed much, though I find I lose it much quicker, it's harder to keep slim and I don't wank as much.
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  12. I'm ageing gracefully but still posses an edge of attractiveness and cheekiness that Arab gentlemen find alluring.

    I went for a swift 5 miler along the beach this evening and feel fine so my conclusion is if you are of the older ilk and feel pain after exercise it is merely Mr Coronary carrying out a recce.
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  13. At over 50 I find, with two knackered knees, that walking down 3 flights of stairs and then to the car and doing the opposite when finished work does it for me. Apart from a Thursday night I walk a mile to the Scots Guards club for beer and walk back at closing time.

    Oh yeah, and I sm still a racing snake
  14. I'm 52 retired and don't give a flying fuck anymore! Still got a 34" waist.
  15. I've got a 34" thigh (well 2 actually) :)