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This may not be applicable to those who dodge PT so you may wanna look away now :D

When I was at 3 Div and 30 Sigs, we were told that HQ Land had ruled that organised PT was to take place at least twice a week under the supervision of qualified PTI's.

I was just wondering if this is so, and if anyone knows the actual standing on this topic. I only ask because I am currently on my Class One at Blandford :cry: and the PT that is scheduled into the weekly lesson plans is so sporadic that I am quite confused. I know that someone will reply saying that we should do our own PT so before I get a load of grief....I am not saying anything other than the original Question.

Personally I enjoy PT and do quite a lot in my own time......and to be honest we could do with a bit more if only to break up the monotomy of the working week....

Any sensible replies would be more than appreciated!

Thank you :D
sensible replies appreciated........sorry got none.

PT may be confusing to both you and the PTI. After all most of the day to day running of the gym is done infront of the mirror in the changing rooms. Lets be honest...most pti's only care about looking MASSIVE, waxing their hair or applying fake tan. They don't care about your physical fitness, they just care about there own bodies! Most pti's are good blokes and some are genuinely bothered about their lads fitness, but most just do it to try and impress the chicks and look good! As for the civvie pti's in blandford......they are a whole different story!!

Valid point even though it might be in the wrong forum. Would probably get a better answer in health and fitness or the APTC forum.

As an individual who does actually enjoy pt (although those who know me would probably beg to differ) PT is a very handy lesson to give my brain a bit of time off from a hectic week. Remember though in blandford the timetable is worked to a tight schedule and planned by the worlds most stupid computer system. It doesn't take into account the needs of the human or the army. It simply is a resource based allocation system that will if the time allows schedule PT but if not then that isthe first thing to go.
It always used to be regulation to do a minimum of 1hr 40mins per week of mandatory fitness training, whether you were taken for this by PT staff or not, again that unfortunately will come down to the unit you are at ;)

Some units out there (whilst it isnt such a bad thing these days) will put more emphasis on the PT side of life, others won't, its just the luck of the draw i suppose :)
Interceptor said:
blagger said:
As for the civvie pti's in blandford......
Civilian PTI? Please tell me you're joking.

No mate sorry......there are about 6 of them all ex services (some ex booties). It is a real treat to get beasted by a civvie that's for sure!!
There is a civvie PTI at Leconfield too, built like a brick shit house by all accounts and keen as mustard. I guess the civvy ones have more to lose if they are crap

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