Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Chris_2oo6, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. got issued these the other day for a tidy sum of £39

    havent had chance to test them out yet, they look a lot better than the silver shadows though but how do they perform? anyone used them yet?

    supposed to be standard issue in the next year or so
  2. they'll fall apart quickly with regular use, but thats mostly cosmetic. don't expect them to hold up for the advertised distances tho, mine are about fcuked after 3 months.

    comfy as you like though.
  3. one of the manufacturers inbuilt faults if you like, is that most trainers are really only designed to last 6 months, which is about the right time to change them anyway - what with the amount of punishment we will give them.

    trainers and toothbrushes - change every 6 months
  4. Right on cue! I was just about to ask what sort of running/training shoes to buy. Price seems sensible. Are these in the shops? Where do I get a pair?
  5. AGC PRI at Worthy Down sell them for £46.60. RRP is about £70 - which is rather steep. But they are the bo**ocks as far as I'm concerned, been using them since 2004 and change them every 6-9 months.
  6. Does anyone know where to get these from apart from the manufacture's website? 70 quid is a bit much for me atm.
    I've looked on e-bay but there were only 3 pairs and all too small.
  7. Can you explain that post? Did you get issued them or did they cost you £39?

    Where did you get them for £39?
  8. i got issued them at the ITC

    the 39£ come from my wages
  9. I got issues with silver shadow in 1991 when I signed up, I can't believe that they still issue them 16 years later!
  10. The APTC PRI shop have these trainers for sale. Do you have to be serving to buy from them?
  11. Are these the ones that most PTI's have, with the Crossed Swords on the tongue?
  12. Yes.
  13. Any ideas on this? They still haven't answered the phone, I've tried a few times now.