PT-03 Army Trainers.

Has anybody actually been involved with these trainers?

I have recently been upgraded and going through rehab following a back injury that laid me out for just under a year. I'm willing to pay for a decent pair of trainers, as long as they are just that - decent.


I've used the same brand for years. Can confirm they are excellent non pretentious product.

I would refer anyone who wants decent affordable running gear to "Run and Become" in Victoria Street London SW1.

SKJOLD said:
For tried and tested trainers I use these, .......

£35- You cant go wrong.
Just bought a pair of the Jazz 8 version (preferred the look + half sizes available), and they're as good as I've tried - certainly at the price. Service from this link was excellent - 2 days from 5pm order to delivery (did pay the extra pound!). Sizing seems reliable, too (was a bit doubtful buying without trying off the net, but they fit fine). Made my feet :D :D :D

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