PT 03 Army trainers...any good?

Looks like Army trainers have advanced a bit from the old plain white 'tarmac slappers' we were issued with in the late 1980's

But are these PT03 things any good?

I still go running reasonably frequently for 4 miles or so a few times a week and I was thinking of getting a pair.

Anyone rate them?
I can run approximately 2.7 times faster wearing my PT 03 Army Trainers than my regular brand. I wouldn't want to run away from the enemy for 2.4 Km, after an 800m warm up, wearing anything else.
They are okay, but not as good as other 'proper' brands. They are very overpriced, and for that money you are better getting something like some New Balance or Brooks
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As jarrod says...

But as an update, if you don't wear them out fast enough, I find that they shrink lengthwise and the toes curl up. At least, mine did after 5 years of quite constant use, social as well as sporty. By this time, the fabric at the sides had laddered and really they should have been binned but they were still very comfortable. I finally stopped wearing them when the soles became so thin that the tread separated.

I like them but I'm aware that serious sporty people on here have some misgivings.

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