PT-03 and orthotics (insoles)

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by watch_the_birdie, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. I know there are other PT-03 threads on here, with differing reviews of how good and not so good they are, but I was just wondering if anyone had any experience with putting orthotic insoles in them?

    I'm coming to the time of year when I need to change my toothbrush and trainers, and although I'm an Asics user, I've been looking at the PT-03s also. I have specially made orthotic insoles that fit in my running trainers (and another pair for combat highs) and I was wondering whether the PT-03s are suitable to put these types of insoles in? I had these insoles made a few years back after terrible shinsplints that lead to compartment syndrome and stress fractures, and now that everything is sorted thanks to these insoles, I am often wary of changing my trainer habits...

    So, are these PT-03s really worth it?

    (I'm TA, so I don't have much opportunity to ask regular PTIs this question).
  2. Why not ask the manufacturers:

    UK Gear Ltd,
    The Priory, Priory Road,
    Wolston, Warwickshire,
    CV8 3FX, Great Britain

    t: +44 (0)870 403 1400
    f: +44(0)870 403 1399
  3. I have no dramas with orthotics in PT03's. Enjoy.
  4. I tried PT-03s and can't recommend them if you need extra support. Go to a running shop that specialises in such things and get fitted up.
  5. Apologies to dig up this up but it was the most relevant after searching.

    I'm due to start Phase One very soon. Knowing that PT03s are issued to all recruits I bought a pair to get used to them prior to starting. I over-pronate, my feet roll excessively inward whilst running so have always required supportive shoes or a pair of neutrals with orhotics. The PT03s however I cannot get on with at all. I've reduced the mileage right down, tried a few pairs of off the shelf orthotics in them that have worked well in previous shoes. Obviously, I don't want to roll up at phase one injured with shin splints which I know I will if I persist with the PT03.

    One option I have is trying a phyiso and getting custom insoles made, which seems a bit of a gamble if I spend a fortune on them and they do little or nothing to improve the PT03.

    I'm shitting it they'll they cause me serious problems during training. Is footwear something the medical people seriously look at when recruits pick up injuries?
  6. Im in pretty much the same position as you here jimmy. I also pronate quite excessively and normally use neutral shoes with orthotics (with no luck). Im thinking of getting a pair of these next week and slipping my othotics in there as they are structured cushoning they will offer me more support.Every ones feet are slightly different, do you have a high arch or flat footed? i would go see a pod (if you havent already) my physio didnt have a clue when it came to orthotics.i left training in 07 because of bad shin pain, you want to be completely injury free rolling up to basic. if this doesnt work for me im gonna go down the custom made expensive route:shaking:
    Best of luck mate :)
  7. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    I just bought a new pair of running shoes following a video gait analysis. I also trialled the PT-03's back in the day, when I was training for my third marathon.

    Although the company made much of the fact that they were approved by the Army School of Physical Training , I don't think UK Gear pretend they are anything other than a robust GP trainer (rather than a high mileage running shoe). They were a step up from the old Hi-Tec Silver Flash is all - and not exactly cheap at £80 a pop then.

    Unless your Phase 1 PTI is exceptionally ****, I doubt he/she is gonna rip you a new one because you rock up wearing your own motion-control shoes that suit your gait rather than the issue ones - provided you can do what is required of you within the time specified. ( mile and a half < 10:30 ?)

    You might get some additional stick for standing out of the crowd is all.....Good luck gents - enjoy ...and fuckit - be a tall poppy !