Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by XxcookiemonsterxX, Sep 25, 2008.

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  1. yeah iv already asked in the joining up forum but wondered if anyone down here would know better...
    Do the army employ their own psychologists or do they use psychologists from the NHS etc?

    much love,

    cookie :)
  2. There aren't any psychology slots in the army, if that's what you mean. Those psychologists that are in the army tend to be in the TA and there because they trained originally as a RMN and hold a CPN LSN. My unit 2i/c who I deployed with last year is a good example of this. Was actually very useful having him there.
  3. erm.... RMN? CPN LSN? haha sorry to be so ridiculously uninformed :)

    cookie :)
  4. You say you want to be a psychologist but you don't even know what an RMN is - have you looked into psychiatry at all?
  5. To be fair, young whippersnappers will probably know it as RN(MH).

    In answer to the original question, the MOD does employ clinical psychologists as civilians. They work in the Departments of Community Mental Health. There are no Line Serial Numbers (LSN) i.e. posts, for uniformed psychologists in either the regulars or reserves (although the odd one does sneak in- see Psychobabble's post above).
  6. cheers neuroleptic :) very helpful
    and really, sluice_dweller, no need to be facetious#

    cookie :)
  7. haha yeah well, i googled them and discovered that i knew exactly what you meant but i couldnt connect any knowledge whatsoever to a seeminglyrandom string of letters and yes, i am indeed an arrse but oh well...

    cookie :)
  8. Head of Defence Psychology is keen to reintroduce unformed psychologists (after all, it was psychologists, not psychiatrists, that first dabbled in military mental health), but it's the usual money problems that stand as the perennial impediment. :evil:

    So I wouldn't hold your breath...

    ...although it still intrigues me that we are the only NATO country who do not have uniformed psychologists. :?
  9. cheers KhakiCrab :)
  10. I've often thought that, too.

    Although I have seen some debates of late (not sure if in the BPS or APA magazines) about what roles should a chartered psychologist play in defence/security issues etc. Although I think that is probably more related to ethics and interrogation etc, rather than treatment of mental health issues.
  11. There are plenty of psychologists with research, occupational and (a few anyway) educational backgrounds working for the MOD as civvies. The only speciality that has ever been considered for uniformed service are the clinicallly trained bods.
  12. There are some uniformed Psychologists, but working in Int Psy Ops not clinically.
  13. Psychology covers such a broad range of activities that they crop up all over the place. However the initial point still stands that there are no uniformed CLINICAL psychologists.
  14. We have proctologists.
  15. The secret of great comedy is definitely timing.