Im off to study Psychology at Uni next year (I hope) and was wondering if anybody knows whether the Army employ their own psychologists under any circumstances or whether they just use NHS psychiatric staff?


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Forastero said:
The British Army does not currently have any uniformed psychologists.
Actually it does, but not in a psychologist slot. My unit 2i/c, a Lt.Col. is a consultant clinical psychologist, though in army terms he went as a CPN (as he was RMN originally) when we were on Herrick last year.

I would guess he's not the only example and it was very useful having him there.

You are, of course, absolutely right to say there are no psychology career slots within the uniformed services.


Thank you for your correction, smartypants. :wink: There is also a psychologist in AOSB who happens to wear a uniform but as you quite rightly point out, not in a career slot for an Army psychologist.

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