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Psychological Medical Standards for Enlistment / Retention

Can anbody help me out:

Can someone please explain in plain english the psychological medical standards for enlistment / retention / avoiding discharge? I can't get hold of an experienced military MO to help advise me on this, and the very limited library of reference documentation on ArmyNET does not include JSP 346 or the PULHHEEMS Administrative Pamphlet, 2000.

Three examples are below. In each example the candidate is keen and enthusiastic and in all other regards seems like a perfect candidate to enlist. I will let them go through to their enlistment medicals, but I don't want them to be crushingly dissappointed if they get turned down. I am also worried that the inexperienced civilian contract MO might make the wrong call:

Individual A admits to having occasional PTSD including nightmares and flashbacks resulting from a fatal car accident in his late teens.

Individual B is using prescribed drugs to overcome a long-term problem with panic attacks.

Individual C is using prescribed anti-depressants.

Are these clear-cut cases? Or are there shades of grey?

Very grateful for any help.
I know that individual C would not be able to join up atm because a friend of mine was on antidepressents and he can only apply join in 2 yrs.

hope that helps a bit, ,sorry i don't know more :x
I take it you work in an AFCO or ADSC? The ARTD must have an SO1 Occupational Health who would be your point of contact for such matters?
For those already serving MCM Div, again Occupational Health SO1 would be able to provide you with the appropriate guidance.

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