Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by J.K., Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. my favorite genre of music is psychobilly, and since this is a ...british website, I hope/assume there're lots of psychobilly fans here? I'm talking about stuff like the guanabatz, batmobile, meteors, demented are go, mad sin, nekromantix...

    I'm also very into The Damned.

    anyone else?

    I have lots of excellent music to trade.

    No idea what you are talking about!
  3. Mates from my old scooter club were in a pyschobilly band called the tailgaters... they were 'very big' in Germany in the late 1980s...
  4. my mate listens to rockabilly and sychobilly

    we dont get on like we used to...
  5. Midhurst Detours.

    A vey long time ago.

    And I am sure the first time ever mentioned on this website.
  6. Shrewsbury Loggerheads SC :D
  7. Hotrod 55 are pretty good
  8. You have forgotten to mention the Kings of Psychobilly;

    The Cramps.
  9. I have a hotrod (a car!), and therefore I drink/socialise with other rodders from time to time, and quite often have a bit of psychobilly on the go :)
  10. I saw them play once - are they still going :?
  11. Check out The Grit . If you're not singing "I came out the womb an angry cunt" after the first listen then you don't like good music 8) Spent many a night putting beers away with them in the 12 bar.
    Also check out the sadly defunct The Yo-Yo's. More punkabilly than psychobilly but still great.
  12. I used to play guitar (1986-1987) in a Scottish psychobilly band called the Full Moon Freaks, which was a great laugh. We did a demo, got onto some compilation album (I think it's the album "Psycho Tendencies" - you can find it online) and were starting to get noticed (mainly cos the rest of the lads had awesome hairstyles) but I decided to hang up my guitar and join the Army. The band split and I never got to hear the album. Never mind, I actually preferred thrash metal anyway. Good while it lasted (mad-haired freaks).
  13. I was a 'billy before I joined the army & had my quiff hacked off the day before I started basic, gutted but it was 18 1/2 years ago so I'm just about over it now. I'm also fecking bald now!!! Still got the vinyl in the cellar, Meteors, King Kurt, Guana Batz, Restless, Long Tall Texans etc etc...... Happy days stomping around Dundee city centre terrorizing footy casuals! went to see the Meteors in Aberdeen once but P.Paul Fenech decided he had better things to do that night. Tosser!

    First posting was to Osnabruck in 1990 & was delighted to find quite a big psychobilly following amongst the locals, didn't get involved with them though, pity.
  14. Actually it's, and I quote, "Ooh Wallah Wallah Wallah, Ooh Wallah Wallah Wallah". Unquote.
  15. London Wasps SC in the 80s