psycho troubles

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by The_Copperhead, Dec 12, 2009.

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  1. (I have made another post about this, but that's only on the off-chance somebody can answer both of my questions)

    I have previously had an episode of psychosis, at least according to my doctor, however it only lasted two weeks (presenting symptoms for one week) and was undoubtedly caused by massive sleep deprivation.

    I am intending to sign up to the paras, and it has been over a year since this happened and I have had no symptoms in that time.

    Can anyone tell me whether this will affect my application?
  2. I know what it is recorded as. It's recorded as an "acute psychosis", which means that I (allegedly) experience psychosis very briefly. My doctor isn't an idiot and that is a very real diagnosis (and very common too). Long-term psychosis is called chronic psychosis, it IS possible to experience psychosis for an incredibly short period of time, as strange as that sounds, although I contend that I was merely sleep deprived.
  6. So you looked at somebody who decided they don't need to read evidence because they already 'know enough', and somebody presenting them the evidence, and concluded that the person presenting the evidence was the arrogant one?

    I think that represents a dramatic lack of observational ability, and comparing a combat-hardened NCO to a nurse who won't read up on medicine does the NCO a significant injustice.
  7. not at all... i'm saying that the difference between you and jared248 is you are no-one, and they are a psychiatric nurse who has done the job for 20 years, i'd rather listen to their opinion than wikipedia's thanks.
    just cuz you cream on wikipedia every night doesn't make you stephen fry :wink:
  8. pulls up deck chair, gets the popcorn out
  9. :D
  10. "A psychosis is a severe mental illness not a two week hobby. I won't bother looking at what you've posted as I reckon i know enough about psychosis already."

    That's weird; I do see the words "I reckon I know enough" in there.

    In any case, you didn't actually answer my point; you informed me that my diagnosis did not exist. Call me a rationalist, but it feels like the one piece of information you do need to know, the single fact that you need to hold in your brain in order to provide any insight is whether or not this condition exists, seeing as you're of the opinion that it doesn't. I provided such evidence, and yet by your own admission you 'reckon you know about enough psychosis already' and as a result won't read it, also by your own admission.

    I am honestly at a loss (and I hope I don't sound angry because I am not, I think if this conversation had taken place in real life it would have had a different and more nicer tone). This disorder is DSM-IV 298.8, and I honestly do not know why you've chosen to decide that this particular page of the DSM-IV is blank.

    Still, if you change your mind on whether it exists or anyone has the answer, please tell me.
  11. Perhaps he's searching for the dummy he violently spit out. Who knows.

    edit* Aww see now he went and beat me to it, disregarding my comment completely. Shame on you sir.
  12. he bites like a female pike in spring, its mega,

    and as for this taking place at quieter tones if it were in real life... i don't think we're down the gentlemans club (put your pinky away) exchanging opinions over a remy martin and cigar, actually i think alcoholism can cause psychosis so you'd better just have an oj
  13. Might want to get yourself checked out then. If you are still under the impression that if you get your DSM-IV, flick to section 298.8 and find a blank page where the condition I described should be, then you're more insane than most of the psychotics they have banged up.

    I asked a legitimate question, you told me that the diagnosis doesn't even exist. Now I expected that when I directed you the proof that it did you'd read it, think about it and give your opinion on whether or not this condition DID violate the army's medical standards.

    Instead I get a truly bizarre pseudo-religious denial of a medical condition that quite literally could be looked up by yourself right now in any of the diagnostic manuals you undoubtedly own (use google if looking it up in a book is too much effort. It'll give you just as much information in a fraction of the time).

    Personally I think my wording sounded harsher than I intended, and rather than do what I assume you'd normally do (say "oh, that's interesting" after briefly checking to verify that the condition does exist. You may even have found you knew it by another name) you instead said something in error and stuck by it for fear of losing face.

    I'm sorry if I did word my post too harshly.
  14. Cause you will. God forbid you grow a pair and have to admit you didn't know something.
  15. stop getting all upset in here and direct your attention to the thread "JSP 346" where you will be able to read one of the documents used to decide medical grading.

    Please note that due to the new tri service medical grading system this may change in the near future.