"Psycho" Stapleton

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Tricky1982, Jul 17, 2012.

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  1. What a cunt! I'd hate to think he gets let back out on the streets before he's a 90 odd year old feeble old man, but I resent that us taxpayers will have to pay a fortune to keep him living his dream life in prison revelling in his notoriety for the next however many years, another argument for bringing back the rope?

    Killer Shot Indian Student 'For Notoriety'
  2. He's a skinny little prick likely to be shanked. He's trying to go down the Mental pathway so that he doesn't have to go in with the bad lads who he is terrified of.
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  3. He's in for a surprise, then.
  4. He was alright on GMTV.
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  5. Oh now come on, every liberal hand wringer knows he comes from a poor deprived background. It's society that is at fault not this poor socially neglected lad who has fallen between the cracks. We, as a civilised society should be reaching out to this victim of the drastic social cuts. MY FECKIN ARRSE.
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  6. scrote boy will end up a soap bitch, hopefully them nice chaps at strangeways will excert a nice bit of man love his way, before he tops himself.....

    save the tax payer some tax,
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  7. Surely if you point a gun at someone and pull the trigger, thats attempted murder, if he dies, it is murder. I tried like a wild badger to shoot the hands of targets at the 25m range, then realised I was lucky to hit it at all. Point a hand gun at someone its to kill them.

    For myself, if this boy is held until he's too old to defend himself, and let loose in the dodgy crime ridden area of your choice, with wraps, and fivers stapled to him, that would seem fair, at least he'd be famous for a bit, and on youtube, plus an entry in the Darwin awards.
  8. same as getting in a car with ten pints of ale in your head.
  9. Why wait?.Fly the cunt out to Mr Bidves hometown tomorrow.

  10. tish and piffle,, HANG the c@@t !!!!
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  11. "tish and piffle" are they the victims brothers?.
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  12. I like the idea of inventing a machine that gives the individual the same level of pain the victim had at their hands, the guilty bastard could then be hooked up to it for the duration of their sentance and their suffering broadcast 24hrs so relatives to check in every so often and feel that a little bit of justice was being done.
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  13. Pyscho my arse. Frodo more like.
  14. Kafka had it sussed:


    In the Penal Colony - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  15. Cocky twat wouldnt last much longer carrying on like that. Wait til he gets moved from a local jail and sent into the system with proper big boys. 'Swilling' will be the least of his worries.