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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by batfink5537, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. 'Psycho' remanded on murder charge - MSN UK News

    Two officers from Greater Manchester Police have flown to India to meet Subhash Bidve, the victim's father.

    So some Psycho shoots someone & we spend tax payers money to fly TWO police officers to india to hold his fathers hand ?.
  2. And what is outrageous about that?
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  3. Cunt Alert, Cunt Alert!
  4. In view of the fact that the family only found out on facebook that their son had been murdered,thought it was the least Police could have done.
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  5. The Met have been sending detectives around the world since at least the 60's, mainly because they are known to be the best at solving murder cases.

    How does that sit with you?
  6. Yeah thats why it took them 18 years to solve this fucking thing. Met are useless wankers.

    ...and corrupt on top! But dont take my word for it:


    >UP to 250 officers in the Metropolitan Police are criminal or dishonest, the commissioner of the force, Sir Paul Condon,

    told Mps yesterday.


    and todays news:

    >AT least 944 serving cops and community support officers have criminal >records, new official figures show.

    >The offences include causing death by careless driving, robbery, >burglary, supplying drugs, domestic violence, forgery and perverting >the course of justice.

    Yeah, a fine upstanding body of crooks...Ooops sorry men !
  7. Idiot.
  8. Correct me I'm wrong but didn't he top some bird boxing day 2011, not boxing day 1993?
  9. I thought he was shot on 26th December. On the right thread are you?

    Bugger, bit slow tonight...
  10. They have already got the guy who did it.

    And if they are so thoughtful why not fly the father over here to pay his last respects rather than fly 2 officers over there for nothing ?.
  11. He probably needs telling twice anyway.
  12. Why not go boil your head?
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  13. Do you actually know why they have gone over there? Where is the link saying they are there solely to ease the suffering of the bereaved?

    I'm sure there's more on their agenda than that.
  14. I might do later if i get board enough.
  15. 18 years to solve what, you thick cunt?

    Sorry, I know it's Current Affairs but some things just have to be said.
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