Psycho or Slapper?????

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by angelface, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. A friend of a friend has been seeing a lady (for want of a better word) for a little while. He has feelings for her, which she knows about, she's stayed very noncomittal up until this weekend.

    They met up on Friday for a few drinks at her house and shortly into the evening she asked he to measure her up for a new bra. As the evening went on, much alcohol was consumedand they arrived on her bed, sitting talking. The conversation turned to the "flab" on her inner thighs and when he did the chivalrous thig and denied it was there, she asked him to feel for himself. One thing led to another as she told him it was turning her on, and the next morning he woke wondering if it had been a drunken mistake or the start of a change

    That evening, as they sat watching telly, she asked him to rub her feet. The next 3 hours or so was spend in foot, shoulder, face and head rubs after which our man made no assumptions, kissed her goodnight with a sweet dreams wish and went to sleep in the spare room.

    On the Sunday they went to the beach and had a pleasant 2 hour stroll, ending up back at hers again where he helped out showingg her how to do a little DIY she'd wanted doing. before he was ready to leave they went for a short walk to the shops, during which she asked if he could be "persuaded" to stay until Monday morning. Obviously reluctant, he nevertheless agreed and cracked a can of wifebeater when they got in. After a few more drinks, she decided she wanted a bath but, because it's boring sitting there, would he mind coming and talking to her as she had it. They took it in turns to bathe, each washing the others back, and him comforting her when she started to cry briefly about some old family problems. Once clean and relaxed they ajourned downstairs and sat talking wrapped in towels.

    Part way into this conversation, she commented that they should still only be friends, to which he relpied that he was ok with that, but he would hope for more in the future when she'd finally shifted some emotional baggage she's been carrying for the past 2 or 3 years.

    At this point she became "uncomfortable" and worried about having him in the house so, at about 1:30 am, after a couple of cans and several large shots, she asked him to leave the house and drive home. When he pointed out that her request was not only kind of unreasonable, but completely out of line with how the weekend had gone, she started to get agitated and called the police to have him removed. The police agreed that she was asking a lot, and suggested that it might be better for him to get his head down until first light but she refused this.

    After a night spent in the cells to "prevent a breach of the peace" he was breathalysed, allowed on his way and drove off. She, meanwhile, had failed to get up for work for about the 10th time in the past 6 weeks due to drink and (apparent) depression.

    So, obviously my friend's friend must be a complete tosser for not having banged her back doors in while he had the chance, but which is she?

    Psycho or Slapper?
  2. how is she a slapper if she didnt sleep with him? A prick tease, yes she is. But he's a mug for thinking a poxy foot rub would give him access to her kecks.
  3. Psycho hose beast bitch from hell. You've (sorry, your mate's) shagged her once, no point hanging round waiting for her to get fat and go off sex.
  4. 20 Embassy got access to yours.
  5. Absolute ruddy psycho!!!

    The lady has ISSUES!
  6. Rod924

    Rod924 LE Reviewer

    Erm, this is Earth calling! That is perfectly normal 'she' behaviour. You, er, your friend, is/are obviously way too young to handle wimim and I therefore suggest that you desist and take a long hard look at yourselves.
  7. So it's not working out with my ex then? :D
  8. Yes, but they were more welcome than a foot rub! And it was 10 Embassy actually.
  9. I refuse to go anywhere near your feet Fishy.
  10. Just cos you bunch of slappers put out after oooh about 10 minutes, does not make the daft old cow a slapper OR a psycho

  11. Yes it does,
  12. Why would I want you near them - your dad is doing a fine job already.
  13. Does the come into the bathroom with me while i have a bath....... and do my upper thighs feel fat to you........ seem like a major come on to you. Being a gentleman (fool) he didn't continue the escapade and left doing the actual deed in case the 'lady' regretted it once sober..... But does this mean she should call the police...... because he didn't complete the task inhand???
  14. Yeah, he said they fitted. When do you want them back.
  15. Angel if she is worth it hang on - if not feck off.

    There are plenty of chicks out there with nil baggage so keep on looking - that set of circumstances would prevent me from going back for more except if on my, or neutral, territory.

    The option for disturbed too fcuk is missing from your choice of