Psycho Ex Wifes

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blackwidow, Apr 14, 2008.

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  1. Ive just married and i'm having problems with his Ex Wife... She has been driving past my house, drinking in my local and now has put my husbands brothers as her friends on"Facebook". Does anyone else think that this is not normal and are there any solutions?????
  2. mmmmm and youre the one called Blackwidow, should he be worried about his choice in wimmin so far?
  3. Yes, keep a log of such events, talk to the police about harrassment and speak to citizens advice about restraining orders. But before all that, talk to your husband.
  4. Would you? And would your husband appreciate how much you love him by arranging a menage a trois?
  5. They have a child together and she has a habbit of making it hard for him to see his child. I spoke to my hubby who just thinks that ignoring it will make it all go away.
  6. i've got better taste than sleeping with her..... yuck!!!
  7. So you're not from Dewsbury then?

    Edited to add: Do you know, I thought I had been WAHed until you said that! :oops:
  8. does she live next door by any chance?

    relax, that's a game called "hide and seek". lots of parents play it with their children.
  10. would you say that you were hot? could we have a pic in the gallery please, preferably with the usual kit on: stockings, g-string, balaclava.

    this is the NAAFI!!
  11. Start by sitting outside her house, drinking in her local and follow her round the shops etc.

    Then tell her that you've had enough of yours/her OH and you are now in love with HER. You've become a lesbian and can she untangle your tingle.

    I don't think you'll see her for dust!
  12. bum her with a big strap on and ill bring my videocamera and stream it all over the tinterweb, at £5 an hour we'll make fckin fortune, dont tell hubby though I might want a threesome... :p Pm me with the adress and when its going to happen :twisted:
  13. Best idea so far... think that might work... He left her 3 years ago.. some women never give up
  14. Best idea so far... think that might work... He left her 3 years ago.. some women never give up
  15. Get your tits out for the lads then love. Just so we can offer decent advice you understand. 8)