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Psychic ORG...........

Ragtag troops digging deep to replace poor kit


A Ministry of Defence spokesman said the high proportion of troops buying their own kit was a reflection of their professionalism rather than a judgment on the quality of standard issue kit. "Our soldiers want to do the best job they can, so they are prepared to spend money if they feel a piece of kit will help them in their tasks. We believe they are properly outfitted, but if they wish to invest in extra equipment, that is their personal choice," he said.
I hate to say I told you so!!

What it needs is for the muppets that run the show to realise that we are clever enough to know what we like and we know that issue gear is mediocre to say the least.

I reaffirm what I have said before, if the lads were given the choice to buy their own gear instead of using the crap they are issued, I would sell my business tomorrow and set up a company supplying the boys with what they want.

I may have been out for a while, but I remember what it is like to be cold, wet, fcuked off and cold (repeated cause that was the worse bit) because the crap they give you is sh*t and you hadn't got enough money left before the ex to buy a set of Danners or Gortex socks because you’d (rightly so) pissed all of your hard earned up the wall.

I remember being on several ex’s with a guy called Andy Tween, who was the most switched on bloke I have ever known. He knew exactly what to buy, what to use and how to use it.

Imagine that knowledge being passed down to the SPROGS, who, instead of thinking (as we all did) “I’m not buying that smock/socks/bivi/ etc because I’ve already been issued one” actually went out and spent their “vouchers” on tried, tested and proven gear.

Happy, warm, dry soldiers. But that goes against the thinking of the MOD, they like us all to be wet, cold, miserable and holding a PVR in one hand. Its character building don’t you know :(

Vouchers for the lads to buy their own gear, scrap the issue crap, let the quality decide.

The statement that we buy it to be "more professional" is almost as insulting as the one about the SA80 only being crap because the boys didn't know how to clean it.

We are not buying it to be more professional, we are buying it because the issue gear is sh1t and the only reason it gets through is because fat lazy bast*rds in Whitehall are on backhanders (if anyone else can think of a better reason why, let me know)

I wonder how many different types of weapons would be used if they let us buy those as well?


War Hero
Couldn't agree more.

It would be nice to see the afore mentioned politician stuck out on Otterburn or Sennybridge in the issue kit he is so happy about for 7 days and see how ****ing likes it - twat!


Erm, what's the score with our American friends does anyone know?
Do they spend oodles of pay trying to get the basics right or is their issue stuff "adequete"
Hmmm, think I spelt that wrong but anyway, from my armchair, I've only seen them wearing issue.
Unless they've got strict as f**k SOP's.


War Hero
Fairly strict SOPs, but most of their kit is actually ok, even if some of it does look a bit ****!

Though their NBC stuff is not the best, they were buying up spare from our guys in GW1 like it was going out of fashion.....


Book Reviewer
Septic's NBC kit has improved greatly over the years since GW1.

As to kit, I think they get an initial issue, then a grant to keep most of it up to spec - i.e. buy it from the PX.  Bit like we do with Officers, but in their case they actually give them money!

Oh, and the PX is cerainly a good place to buy Medals!
Think it's time to form a consortium of ex-forces personnel who now run their own businesses, to service some MOD requirements.

Advantages : On the ground knowledge of what's required, and an unwillingness to profiteer. Keep value and effectiveness foremost.

Disadvantages: None

Who's interested?

Well, that's you, me and ORG Liney...

Anyone else?
Yup me too, ref what we spoke about yesterday PTP will have plan to you by Montag morgen
West Midlands special branch have had indications that Monny Mornington, an estate agent in Dudley, may in fact be identical to Montag Morgen.

Mornington apparently drives a VW Golf in Black Forest Green, but was given away by asking for liebfraumilch in a local dudley wine bar, when everyone else was drinking chablis.

Mornington, now married to his croatian interpreter, has been an officer in 23 sas for the past 5 years, I think we're a bit late ORG.............

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