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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by newbiequestions, Apr 9, 2011.

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  1. So...

    The medical section says that "no more than one episode of deliberate self-harm". What if you had two and neither were deliberate (but the docs say it's not psychosis)?

    It should be mentioned that they are well behind me and that I'm in a better place than ever.
  2. Now let me think about this, self harm is a delibrate act because you have to do it to yourself, unless you accidently on purpose fell down the stairs, or accidently get attacked by a blunt slice of mango or a vicisous coissant.

    Self harm is self harm it cannot be accidental as you have to do it to yourself!!!

    You can try and join but I think you will get rejected on past medical history!

  3. I'm confused. If it wasn't deliberate, then it wasn't 'deliberate self harm'.

    Can you explain?
  4. So you are saying you accidentally self harmed yourself? How did you manage that?
  5. It was a case of realising it had happened afterwards, not "ooh, I fancy joining the wrist orchestra".
  6. im confused , did you deliberatly self harm or catch it on a door or something
  7. So were you pissed or high on drugs then? Other option of "not realising" whilst not under influence = psychosis and therefore not suitable for career.

    Otherwise the scenarios which this rule is trying to prevent might happen: "I don't remember shooting my mucka, I must have been controlled by something else" or "So I have to cut myself to deal with stress, of course I'm safe to be around bladed weapons, grenades and rifles, in a more stressful environment that I have ever experienced before, far away from any support network I might otherwise have for 6 months at a time"
  8. always wondered about that m'self.
    what about the ex student/chav types with tats, odd piercings and scarification?
    strictly speaking getting a tat is a form of self harm is it not (or am i being more of a awkward twat than normal?)
  9. I think that they count as 'self-inflicted injury' if they become infected, but otherwise, no. (That was what I was told when I had to get turned in with an infected ear.)

  10. Twice.................
  11. could be one on each arm?

    suppose it would be down to the MO as to whether once on two seperate days or twice on same day was meant?
  12. Tattoos are usually ok if they are inoffensive and not on the neck face or hands. Piercings depends upon the type, certainly flaps of skin left behind from flesh tunnels are usually a bar to entry. Scarification again depends on the location on the body.

    As to the OP. Put yourself forward, complete your medical forms with as much detail as possible, your GP will include his appraisal on your forms and good luck. If the military doc says no, you may appeal the decision but it essentially boils down to a medical issue with regards to which no-one on here will be able to offer a medical opinion (less some of the trick cyclists hanging around the AMS forums maybe).