psy cops?

It’s a new government initiative, which is designed to overcome failings of the country’s police forces. The PSY – Please Solve it Yourself – Cop programme has been put in place to enable the general public to do the work of the Police.

If I understand it correctly, the system works like this: You go to a Police Station to report a crime. If you’re luck, on arrival a Police Officer listens to your sorry tale, otherwise, you get to talk to a civilian Police Support Officer. Once you’ve made your statement, the officer then informs you that they:

a. don’t have enough to go on

b. lack the necessary resources to pursue the investigation

c. can’t be arrsed to do anything about it

d. have another blag that results in no further action being taken

At this point the victim is told to contact the Police again, if they have any further information.

Please Solve it Yourself Cop

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