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PSS STANDARDS .joining the army

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by rahan7, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody have any idea what this abbreviation means :

    SL: CA : LM: ????
  2. My guess would be:

    SL static lift

    CA carry(jerrycan???)

    LM lift machine

    Although I stand to be corrected
  3. I heard you need like SL=25
    LM=15 .............................................. as some of the pss(r) standards.
    does that make more sense to you ??? thanks
  4. I assume they have to correspond with test carried out at ADSC i.e. the Jerrycan carry, the static lift, the back extension, and the dymanic lift. I'm afraid I can't go any further, though I wish someone in the know could shed more light...
  5. me too :) BARB TEST DEFINITION= Better At Running then BARBING :)