PSP used as a tool for military training

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by skintboymike, Dec 4, 2009.

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  1. A lad at work today showed me a DIN on DII which referenced the PSP being used as a training tool. It didn't make reference to the type of training being carried out, only that a small team were trialling it. Can anyone shed any further light on this?

    Edited to add; Linky
  2. well they use ipods all the time.......
  3. Thought it was Paint Shop Pro...

    Oh well... Back to bed...
  4. See Soldier Dec 09. C-IED trg.

    "We wanted the video to be available for the PSP and Nintendo because they are systems that junior soldiers and officers are using and so could be used to host e-learning in the future"

    Maybe a step in the right direction. How many lads have a PSP on tour. Having a Pam or instructional DVD on this format might be beneficial.
  5. Perforated Steel Planking - Great for training in the desert to un-stick a truck.

    I'll get me coat