Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by butchdrew, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Does anybody on AARSE suffer from this skin disorder and have been cured ,or have the conditioned controlled ,i hate going to the gym sometimes as i feel people look at in disgust ,any help or suggestions please.
  2. Yes butch I have psoriasis and have had it for about 12 years, its a long road but I'm nearly clear of it now but persevere and keep seeing the Doc till you get to see a Dermatitis Consultant, they have to go and try all the easy creams first they may work but don't give in, It can be beaten.
  3. What treatments have you tried butchdrew?
  4. Dovobet, dovonex, it eases it,but does not disguise it and also diprobase after a shower
  5. See if you can get treatment with Dithranol, its treated to your affected areas in % stages thats the one thats working for me, but dovobet works on one of my very small patch.
  6. My Dad has been on the receiving end most of his life.
    It always gets better after he has been on holiday to warmer climes & he also had several bouts of 'sunlight' treatment, a sort of industrial strength sun bed. It was very effective however I believe that it can only be undertaken a limited amount of times.
  7. Was at a BBQ before and one of the boys had a bad case of it so he was on his chair for about an hour, Gets up looks like there was a sand storm on the chair.
  8. Hi
    I've had psoriasis for the last 12 years and it got out of control as i was fobbed off by med centres, creams just didn't do anything for it, swimming was out of the question and going to the gym only attracted the wrong sort of attention, shedding scales caused some problems too.
    Thankfully i saw a doc who was a skin enthusiast and they arranged for me to see a dermatologist at my local MDHU. Ive had UVB light treatment (sort of sun tan booth), tablet medication and then progressed to biologic treatment which involved injecting yourself. I know that some of the treatments were extreme but i was downgraded during the more extreme ones. The treatments were successful and now i'm pretty clear of all of it and back fully fit. I know only use dovobet on the small patches that i have left. As taffplod said perservere and get to see the dermatology guys, there are bundles of treatments available away from med centres. If the treatment required is a long course standby for a period of downgrading, in my humble opinion it was the best thing i did.
    good luck
  9. If you do suffer from this condition then please have the common decency not to use the public swimming pools.

    I do not wish to doggy paddle in 3 million litres of ready brek.
  10. Top advice. You have to go through the creams first and then there are really harsh drug regimes like methotroxate but you can't really drink with that. Keep going until you get a refferal to a consultant at Frimley - I cld PM you - and ask about drug regimes like entracept which is injected by yourself each week. It costs the earth and so there is a reluctance to give it until everything has been tried. It will mean a downgrading to P7 for a while and needs close monitoring - the upside?? It works! Type in entracept injections to youtube and you'll get the drift and GOOD LUCK.
  11. Butchdrew - feel free to PM any questions to avoid pi55 takers trying to turn a serious topic in to the naffi bar. swansea84 and natotattie stop crayoning over the thread and **** off to the naffi.
  12. I would like to thank you all for the advice given with the exception of ,natotattie and swansea84 the pair of wa.kstains
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