Psoriasis, why cant i join??

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by determinationx, Oct 28, 2005.

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  1. I recently applied to join the TA for while i am at university, after uni i planned to join the regular army. I was told that as i have psoriasis i am not allowed to join regular or TA forces. has anyone else had this happen to them? Does anyone know why it is a bar to entry as it doesn't affect anything that i do???

  2. Because no unit wants a member whose skin falls off like one of the Lizard People out of V half way through an FTX.

    Seriously, the problem with psoriasis is that whilst it may be under control at the moment, it is almost guaranteed to get worse when you are stressed out, missing out on sleep and putting your body under pressure. That's when it becomes a problem.

    Also, you may have to go with out any treatments you use (creams, bathing solutions etc).
  3. The downside to your affliction is showering, because you turn into porridge.
  4. It's the bran flakes you leave everywhere. They taste horrible.
  5. The AAC had a RAF bloke out in Banja Luka with a bad case of it. He was looking after the flying clothing etc. The pilots thought he was doing a good job and nobody seemed all that stressed. Get some better advice and don't take the jibes to heart.
  6. determin. -

    Sorry to hear of your problem. Presume that you have seen a dermatologist? If not, demand a referral from your GP; as the condition is proving detrimental to your aspirations I think it's perfectly reasonable to get a specialist's opinion.

    Nasty though the tone of some comments here are, unfortunately they're right - skin conditions like psoriasis, whilst often very manageable under normal circumstances, are often a huge problem under field conditions. A nasty infection could literally be life threatening.

    Presume that you're quite young (late teens/ early twenties?) - if so, and if your psoriasis is mainly on the trunk, there's quite a good chance that it may resolve itself in time. Sea swimming and mild exposure to UV light (ie careful sunbathing/ very careful use of sunbed!) may be helpful, although you should get medical advice first.

    Hope this is helpful? GOOD LUCK.
  7. I once looked into this for a friend of mine at uni who failed the RCB medical. He wanted to know if Crab Air had similar restriction as he was looking into perhaps becoming a Rock Ape. The quacks at the Regional Med Centre (not OASC I hasten to add) said that their APs allowed for a light to mild cases, but that ultimately it would be the MO's call to make. That having been said, with the experiences I've had and seen with aircrew medicals and people having their medical cats downgraded, it typically takes an awful lot for one doc to countermand another's decision. Hence if you've been biffed from one place, I wouldn't necessarily fancy your chances if you tried somewhere else.

    In case those out there were wondering, my friend (a hardcore infanteer with previous service whom everyone, from the RSM to the Bde Commander, thought had a solar ringpiece) couldn't bring himself to join the Rocks and decided that if he couldn't join the army after uni, he'd stay a civvie. Of course, maybe the half-joking threats from the Brigadier that he would kill him in his sleep if he joined the Rocks might have had something to do with the decision also. :wink: