PSNI Traffic branch may be abolished

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Apr 20, 2006.

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  1. Love them or hate them, we all know that Road Policing Units "Black Rats" are a much needed department in any Police Force.

    Some bright spark in the PSNI has decided that the Force no longer needs a Police Traffic Branch. Under the proposals, police district commanders would take charge of policing roads in their areas.

    The Province has had 9 deaths on the Road in just over a week and they think the budget money would be better spent elsewhere than having the expertise of a dedicated Traffic Unit.

    Shame on you Mr Orde!!
  2. The alternative doesn't sound so effective, there must be an underlying reason for it. Oh yes, money.

    There's an alarming tendency for the good people (and some of the bad) of Northern Ireland to nip out into the country and wipe out themselves and anybody who just happens to be passing. Only just more serious than the alarming tendency to burn down houses using chip pans. Still, I can't see a chip pan division being workable.

    I really think a dedicated traffic branch is the only way to police the roads but then who am I?

    Answers on a postcard to:

    C/O Hugh Orde
    RUC House
    RUC Court
    BT1 1RUC
  3. :twisted:
    I think they have probably brought it upon themselves, not because I have had a few speeding points but because doing 55 on an open 40 MPH stretch of road at 22.30 on a beautiful night with no other traffic visible.(including the cop car hidden in a private car park) and an idiot no HV Vest on jumping out last second, still able to stop safely though what does that say).

    Where are they when drivers going through town with phone stuck to ear or drinking or young rally drivers with black out windows burning donoughts on local car parks.

    It is the same old story the normally law abiding ********* like myself will pay up while the normally criminally minded will flout any law. Let all police enforce all the laws and get rid of this so called elite section.

    Rant over feel like going out and burnin rubber!
  4. Well my local RPU Unit have dealt with most of the above. It reflects in the court section of the local rag every week.
  5. The PSNI have had a significant effect on drink driving recently, though it still seems to be considered somewhat acceptable in rural areas. Not wearing seatbelts, using mobile phones and no lane discipline are all common and need to be dealt with too, to bring about a change in driving culture. Then there's the NI Slow Driving Club - the dangerously unaware morons to be found on every country road, and most of the towns. Whatever PSNI do with the traffic branch (and it seems foolhardy to get rid of it), I hope they'll give some sort of undertaking that traffic laws will continue to be enforced.
  6. I've noticed a distinct lack of traffic police on our motorways. I have seen an increase however in 'traffic officers' from the Highways Agency. Are these some sort of traffic police PCSOs?
  7. All you need to know about these jobsworths: Highways Agency
  8. No, not as such. They have no powers when it comes to the Road Traffic Act but they perform the following:

    Motor vehicle accidents
    Removing damaged and abandoned vehicles
    Clearing debris on carriageways
    Undertaking high visibility patrols
    Providing mobile/temporary road closures
    Supporting police in their duties

    Basically they free up Traffic Police in certain incidents. However there Range Rovers have similar battenburg markings which can fool the motorist in thinking its a traffic police vehicle. But they do not have blue lights.
  9. It's not just PSNI which is affected. This is a nationwide change of policy.
  10. Ohh, I know a few chaps in my local RPU who have no wind of this going Nationwide??
  11. I understand the Scopttish forces have been making lots of noises about it for about six months, although I saw a camera unit this morning so I guess it hasn't happened yet.

    Working from memory here I should say but usually if I remember something there's more than a grain of truth in it.
  12. I don't see the problem.

    Other, european countries, do not have dedicated traffic police and they seem to get on just fine.
  13. Really, Is that why 101 people died on the roads in Spain over the Easter Holidays!!!!
  14. I gather that 11 died on the roads in Northern Ireland in the same period. What's the population of Spain? 40,000,000 or thereabouts - and what is the population of Northern Ireland? Around 1,600,000?? I'm not much good at math but from a quick calculation I've done it seems that the pro-rata figure for NI would be in the region of 275 dead if the populations were evenly matched.

    If somebody with a quicker mind wishes to address that I'd be delighted to see their opinion.

    That's not condoning the demise of PSNI traffic branch. It's just a comment.
  15. Well, as GDAV correctly qouted its a pro rata thing and I am not a mathematician even I could have worked that one out.

    Germany, where most of us spent a few good years will remember the Autobahn Polzei, well... they aren't dedicated traffic cops either. Like all other German policemen they do traffic as a secondary duty, their mandate is to provide crime free motorways on the fatherlands autobahns!

    Perhaps a bit more training to the local police forces in matters traffic and the problem would be solved and a bit of money saved at the right place, this might be the start f a good thing!