PSNI target of roadside bomb,UUP want Army support

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Oct 6, 2008.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Yet another cowardly attempt to murder officers,I wonder if this is the start of the return of Op Banner II.

    Police in Fermanagh have described a device found near the border at the weekend as a "roadside bomb".

    The bomb was found at Wattlebridge near Newtownbutler on Saturday after two separate telephoned warnings to police.

    Chief Inspector Alywin Barton said: "I believe police officers were the intended target, but roadside bombs are indiscriminate."

    A security alert is still ongoing in the area, as police and army bomb experts examine the scene.

    Ulster Unionist MLA Tom Elliot said dissident republicans in Fermanagh may be getting help from "mainstream republicanism".

    "You just don't carry these attacks out with a small group," he said.

    Mr Eliott called for "limited Army personnel" to support the police in the area.

    "Obviously the dissidents are being blamed, however I just believe there's a lot more of these people in the area in these operations than was maybe first envisaged by security forces," he said.
  2. I wonder if a new front in the war on terror will be opened or do you think the spams would leave us to it?
  3. Only if this time we can have the same ROE and support weapons being used in Iraq and Aghanistan.
  4. Is there oil in Ulster?
  5. That would be most impressive :D, I can see it now apaches providing cover whilst a patrol in WMIK's armed with GMG's go round armagh looking for a fight :D
  6. :twisted:
  7. No.

    But there's lignite.
  8. No need for any of you to trade in your desert dpm just yet. Purely my uneducated opinion, but the army back on the streets here? Never happen. At least not except for the likes of REST/ATO etc. While the rush by the government to get the reins of power handed to local politicians is on then westminster ain't going to deploy troops. And as for the clowns in stormont - can you honestly see the shinners or SDLP agreeing? Of course this call by the UUP has nothing to do with them wishing to appear hardline in order to gain some lost ground back from the DUP. :roll:
  9. Where would the GMLRS be based?
  10. Thankfully the joke factory in Stormont doesn't have to agree any security related issues yet. You are right though except for specialist support, including a Gaz at the scene today in Fermanagh, I don't think there will be troops back on the streets any time soon. It will undoubtedly take dead cops for that to happen.
  11. Well fortunately the levels of competetence demonstrated by the Fuzzy Green Bittereinders should keep the chances of any PSNI casualties down to a relatively low level.
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Well, Labliar have done well on the economy . . . oops; well, at least they did well in terms of bringing peace to the Middle East . . . oh; OK then, but what about their promises on crime . . . damn; c'mon, give them a break will yer, after all, they've sorted out the NHS . . . sh!t; erm, alrighty then, but they did reduce crime . . . damn and blast; better education . . . bugger; immigration? . . . fcuk, ok, ok, ok but at least they did bring long lasting peace to Northern Irel . . . . . . .
  13. Don't count on that. So far the PSNI have been incredibly lucky not to have an officer killed, don't forget they have had some officers very seriously injured. Sadly, as the Provos once said, we have to be lucky every time. They only have to be lucky once.
  14. Biped
    You got it right.
    Just what will be Labour's Legacy.
  15. Could see it happening as i live there :wink: