PSNI pipe up over Republic anthem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Sep 17, 2006.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm not suprised the PSNI band refused to play 'the soldiers song', It's a slur on the memory of all thei fallen comrades.


    Members of the PSNI's pipe band refused to play the Republic's national anthem before this year's Ireland-Scotland rugby international in Dublin.

    The dispute over a request to participate in playing A Soldier's Song at Lansdowne Road in March led to the cancellation of a proposed joint medley with the Garda's brass band.

    Sources within the PSNI told Sunday Life that the suggestion that the band play Amhrán na bhFiann was made directly to band members during a meeting with Assistant Chief Constable Duncan McCausland the week before the match.
  2. Although things have moved on in Northern Ireland, they haven't moved on that far.
  3. Of course to say that playing it would dishonour fallen comrades would be going along with IRA theft of our national symbols.
  4. Now there's a fcuking surprise......A Paisley trying to stir shite...

    Whilst I agree with some of the concerns raised by PSNI, the same could be argued when Ireland play England in the rugby in Croke Park in Dublin next year and God Save the Queen is played (21/11/1920 was when British police auxiliaries killed 13 people at a Dublin v Tipperary at Croke Park football match after firing indiscriminately into the crowds following the killing of a dozen or so Int Officers earlier that day by Micheal Collins and his crowd).

    Having had relatives serve at the very top of the Gardai Siochana in Dublin, I'd be very disappointed, surprised and horribly embarassed if some of their members decided to do the same...
  5. No guessing where ur from....
  6. Why invite the PSNI band to Dublin in the first place then?.
  7. I'm just glad that the PSNI had the balls to tell them to **** off.
  8. When you and your "very top" relatives in An Garda Siochana have hundreds of widows to consider you can be disappointed and embaressed, not now.
  9. Just chucking us all in with the EvilCommieNazi Brigade then...thats fair.
  10. Perhaps the PSNI band could have played the anthem ... badly?

  11. Nah. The buggers in the depot wouldnt know the tune! :D
  12. Or God Save the Queen, I'm sure that would have made for an interesting afternoon, lol.
  13. Given that the Irish Anthem tends to be played at home matches in Dublin, why should the request have come as a surprise?

  14. The final verse ends:

    "Out yonder waits the Saxon foe,
    So chant a soldier's song."

    As some of the PSNI may be the offspring of Saxons, no doubt they found this extremely offensive!
  15. Would that many of the PSNI claim to have English blood ? I thought the big thing was to be Ulster scots ? - In which case Saxon = Sassanach.

    Its all total nonsense. The Soldiers Song is the anthem of the Republic of Ireland. Get over it - as soldiers have playing the anthems of all the other people we have been involved in "unpleasantness" with. Do we refuse to play the anthems of all the nations which left the Empire after a bit of bloodletting ? India, Pakistan, Kenya, etc etc. FFS we now entertain royaly people we have had out and out shooting wars with !!