PSNI investigations into deaths during "the troubles"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by schweik, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. I was chatting to a security bod at a crown court today. He showed me a letter he'd received from PSNI. They are investigating deaths during "the troubles". They wanted to talk to this chap about a death in 1971 - over 40 years ago! From the wording of the letter the implication seemd to be (or at least the inference that I drew) was that they intended to look at all deaths during the troubles.

    WTF is going on? Are they really going to investigate deaths that are over 40 years old that occurred in an IS setting in NI? Which have presumably been the subject of reports at the time, and which do not appear to be the subject of criminal complaints now? And people are paying their taxes to fund this?

    Rant over.
  2. The answer is - Yes.
  3. Clearly it is. And I suppose I must have been posing the questions rhetorically. I just find it amazing.
  4. I believe the Unit is called 'Cold Cases' and is a mix of retired RUC and G4S (I may be mistaken) They wouldn't have me coz I'm an ex soldier who's served in Ulster!!!!!!
  5. They are called the Historical Enquiries Team and they are supposed to review all the unsolved cases and investigate further the cases they think there may now be a chance of solving.

    Introduction from the Chief Constable | Police Service of Northern Ireland
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  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    They are called Historical Enquires Team (HET)

    This Wiki link gives some more info,

    Historical Enquiries Team - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Edited to add; As LEGZ30 says above
  7. "HET" - yes there was reference to that in this chap's letter. If they're relying on G4S then God help us!

    Have just read the wiki link. Sounds like a good job to have, where do I apply? (Yeah, I know, I've missed the boat... why do I never hear about these jobs until they've filled all the posts?)
  8. It will be like the South African truth and reconciliation claptrap. Only the IRA won't admit to anything or acknowledge doing any wrong!
  9. Elvis died on one of my NI Tours, I deny any responsibility though.
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  10. Under the new government of Northern Ireland, the IRA didn't kill anybody anyway, it was a big boy with a stick who ran away afterwards.
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  11. Oh and Gerry Adams, wasn't C/O The whole bloody shooting match, and that nutter MacGuinness, was only looking after that rifle on Bloody Sunday, and he had no idea that it was loaded when he did or did not aim it in the general direction of the security forces.
  12. They are a decent bunch of guys and girls who've worked within the old RUC / PSNI and related skills environment. They are well schooled in the idiosyncracies of what constitutes everyday life in the Province. I'm not saying that you couldn't make it, but it wouldn't be straightforward.
  13. The HET merely re-examine cases to see if there is any new evidence. They have no remit to re-open investigations - that remains a police matter. Oh and they examine EVERY case attributable to the troubles including the death of soldiers. It'll still be cheaper than the bloody Bloody Sunday enquiry.
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  14. I don't believe so, but then I tend to look on the positive side. Who'd have considered the taped - "to be released after my death" commentaries on PIRA / IRA ops by some of the players? These, irrelevant of location, are now a matter of record and will be scrutinied in time.

    I wouldn't anticipate any fast track arrests. It's the long game.......... a phrase already known to PIRA / IRA.
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  15. I have conducted by own enquiry at a cost (absorbed by myself) of about 60 Silk Cut and a few old newspapers.

    Result - Everyone who died during the troubles is still dead.
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