PSNI Failings ?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by HHH, Apr 27, 2011.

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  1. HHH

    HHH LE

    First it was the bomb at Belfast International Airport - It lay for 906 days undiscovered,despite warnings.

    Police admit airport bomb error - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

    Then it was the van bomb where the cordon was like a sieve in places.

    Van bomb 'could have been devastating' - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

    Now a suspect device in a police station - the package was handed in from the main post office sorting depot as suspicious, 15 days ago.

    PSNI base bomb alert is linked to Neil Lennon campaign - Northern Ireland, Local & National -

    Makes you wonder if the policy of retiring the experienced RUC members, wasn't such a good idea?
  2. You clearly have never attended a bomb incident where the RUC were first on the scene?
  3. I've been told some shocking stories by exMilitary & exRUC
  4. I will guarantee they were not making it up.
  5. oh I know, things like suspackages kicked off the road or thrown over hedges into fields being just 2 I can recall
  6. HHH

    HHH LE

    How did you jump to that conclusion,without knowing anything about me? Your crystal ball needs cleaning, and yes I have many times.
  7. I'd a pipebomb in my street about 3 months ago, sitting on on a windowsill facing my house. The door got rattled about 7am and we were told to get out to ****. The peelers let people go back up the street and get there cars, within 20ft of the pipebomb. There was then 3-4 peelers stood around the pipebomb for about 10 minutes doing I don't know what to ****.

    But the absolute cracker was the fact that although they reassured me and the fella that had the pipebomb on his windowsill, that te street was fully evacuated, low and behold as the wheelbarrow is driving up the street, a women 2 doors down from the device, sticks her head out the door wondering why R2D2 is driving up the street. Funny watching 5 fat bastards trying to run uphill, shouting get out yer back door.
  8. I believe the standard R.U.C. method of dealing with a suspect car bomb was to kick the tyres and check the tax disc,followed by attempting to open a door,by that stage we had beaten a dignified tactical retreat.
  9. So you thought they were any better?
  10. How appropriate, a thread about failings and western appears.

    Did someone rub your lamp?
  11. HHH

    HHH LE

    Like all walks of life, some were good, some bad.
  12. Such "failings" aren't the sole preserve of current PSNI officers. Some of the most useless, lazy and selfish peelers I've worked with have RUC service. Oddly enough they often tend to be the one's that are quick to bemoan the "decline" in standards since the inception of the PSNI. Much of the policy which dictates how and why certain procedures are carried out are the brainchild of senior officers, many of whom had many years RUC service and should really know better. Although shite drills due to basic incompetence and/or laziness cannot be excused, especially around sus IED's, from my own experience over here, examples as mentioned weren't the sole preserve of the police.
  13. Basic difference between RUC and PSNI is Political Correctness.
  14. Agreed to an extent. That and a culture of "style over substance" adopted by our dear leaders. The latest mail drop from the chief con sums it up. I am sure the public would rather we just got on with the job to the best of our ability rather than spend ever dwindling funds telling them how well we are doing/going to do. The job is turning into a popularity contest. It's frustrating and embarrassing. Especially so given the current climate.
  15. At least with the RUC we had a police with a response time under 2 hours in west belfast.