Psni cop shot

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    A off duty catholic police officer has been shot & wounded in Londonderry last night. Disident republicans are blamed.(no link yet) A return to the old ways ? Best wishes to the officer.
  2. I hope the officer makes a speedy and full recovery.

    I sincerely doubt this marks a return to the "good old days". Most Republicans(and Loyalists)are far too busy making money through drug dealing, extortion etc.

    If disident Republicans threaten the cash flow, they will probably be slotted by their own side.
  3. hope he does make a speedy recovery.

    also hope that the "peace loving" republicans think of a new cover name and send a few of these eejits where they belong. back to the good old days..those days are now a distant will take a major upsurge in violence to go back to those days
  4. That would be the IRA filth but with a different name so as to pretend the IRA are still clean.
  5. Never a truer word spoken Werewolf. It has absolutly fuk all to do with slotting cops because they are cops, its all Mafia style drugs extortion and prozzies. The cop was probably on to them.
  6. Speedy recovery to the officer.

    Leopard and spots come to mind. Nothing really changes.

  7. Very true, and not just confined to NI; a lot of the terrorists are now connected to the Glasgow firms. Even the Russians won't fcuk with those lads on their home turf.

    In Glasgow, so many people are shot on a Thursday it's known locally as "Gangster Night." Shootings/stabbings happen in broad daylight but, of course, nobody saw anything...
  8. Could very well happen: like 'Wolf said, nothing will be allowed to effect the profit margin.

    Like the Mafia says "It's nothing personnal, just business..."
  9. It's good to see that as usual there are unwritten rules of engagement for the IRA. So long as they don't use 'real' weapons' eg automatic pistols, assault rifles etc and stick to fists, boots, baseball bats and shotguns it's not a return to terrorism. I wonder where they stand if its a sawn off?
  10. can you really see the likes of maginnes, adams and his crew as well as paisley and the rest of the loyalists allow their constituients to resort back to the violence that plagued our little part of britain.

    two hopes...none and bob!!! these people a raking in thousands in a salaries and expenses. they dont want direct rule back and the government to put a cap on their salaries or stop them all together. all they will do is condemn the attackers/killers and distance themselves from them. what goes on behind the scenes may be a closely guarded secret but most people know they still have a part in pulling the strings.

    yes it is all gangsterism and drug dealing these days and it needs addressed but that is up to the psni(bit like most police forces - go for the easy targets and leave the hardened criminals alone) and local communities to help sort that out
  11. Bastards, right outside a school too. Im sure they'd be proud of themselves if a kid got wiped out too.

    Fking animals
  12. They dont have a care in the world. They are thugs who want to bring the pain and misery back! What is the point in it? They dissident republicans call them selfs legally Republican Sinn Fein, and they also use websites promoting there useless propaganda!

  13. I hope the copper gets well soon.

    These scum have no thoughts for the safety of the kids. They should be hunted down like a pack wild dogs.

    Hangin is too good for them :x :x
  14. ISTR that one of their spokesmen was allowed onto a panel discussion programme on RTE to spout his crap a year or two ago :pissedoff:

    Anyone who want to carry on with this sh1te is either too thick to see that it is a political dead-end* or simply motivated by criminality

    from a review of the excellent Roy Foster's new book