PSNI Chief Cons report 2005/06

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by india-juliet, Jun 26, 2006.

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  1. Interesting reading. Under the section of "Maintaining standards" this was the folowing for 2005/06:

    9 Officers dismissed from the service or required to resign.

    1 Officer reduced in rank.

    27 Officers fined or reduced in pay.

    4 Officers cautioned or reprimanded.

    6 other outcomes.

    18 of these 47 involved criminal behaviour.

    Compared nationwide, 18 Officers implicated in criminal behaviour in one Force alone is quite high. Would the PSNI release the actual offences under the Freedom of Information Act??.
  2. Quick email to Gerry or the Minister for Education would get result quicker than FOI approach, I bet those two have the facts down pat.
    I think it needs to be remembered that the Service is still getting to grips with the new police arrangements. There will be a lot of malcontents and disgruntled officers and these will impact on morale which in turn determines standards. Don't forget - they are still in a tizzy about the Battle of the Boyne.
  3. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Probably not as I'm sure some of them were for 'collusion' with loyalist groups.That they would'nt want to come out.Remember Stalker?
  4. Good to see people who arent in the PSNI judging and slagging it's officers.
  5. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    I'm going thru the recruitment process so hopefully I soon will be :p
    I do know a few PSNI officers & while the vast majority are upstanding,hard working cop's,I'm sure there are a few 'bad apples' left over from the old days who either dont care or refuse to move with the times.
    The other day,I was stopped on the Hillhall Rd on the way back into Belfast & the cop looked a bit 'taken aback' when I called him 'Sir'!(Probably to used to being called 'Black Bastwards & other 'choice' names!)
  6. So my original comment still stands then.
  7. Bad apples from the old days? The most decent coppers are the ones that were RUC. The new PSNI intake coppers bar a few have no common sense whatsoever.

    I will stand by my statement because i have worked closely with them for the last 12 years and have very good friends currently serving amongst them.
  8. Bossdog, Spike is going to be one of the new kids that complains if he hears anyone even mention the RUC. Spike you'll get upset if you see some the tshirts worn by the CRUC, front: "the queen gave me this [pic of GC]" back: "blair gave me this [pic of knife stabbed in the back]"... oooh controversial.

    Spike dont forget the RUC officers gave everything, 302 literally.
  9. I tried to email both of them in order to answer a question I had but could find no address - sent it to the local Sinn Fein office in the end, and got no reply
  10. It occurs to me that PSNI are under a considerably greater level of scrutiny than other forces - could this be a contributory factor?
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Sorry,Manchestercop,but I admire the dedication & selfless acts of duty shown by RUC officers.To me,the PSNI was one of the worst decisions made by the British Government.The night the RUC ceased,I was attending a rememberance parade in the Waterfront hall.The standing ovation given to the RUC & UDR on parade lasted a good few minutes & even reduced the officer at the door to tears.
    The fat controller,McQuillen was there & looked visibly embarressed at the accolade.
    The PSNI is a shadow of what the RUC used to be,policed by politicians & dictated to by Sinn Fein.Whilst it's officers commitment is'nt in question here,the way that the change came about is a matter of debate.
  12. Very good point and I'd love one of those t shirts!

    However, how many lives did they take? I don't mean in the course of their duties, but in their extra curriculum activities with loyalist [?]terrorists?

    The RUC killed 53 people during the conflict. This represents 1.5% of the total (compared to 83.1% by paramilitaries and 9.2% by other security forces ). Of those 53, 31 were civilians, 19 were paramilitaries and 3 were other members of the security forces. Over the 30 years, the proportion of Catholics in the RUC has hovered at 8% on average. In 1994-95 (the year following the first IRA cease-fire), 21.5% of new applicants were Catholic. This has now risen to 22%. The basic major reason for the traditional under-representation of Catholics is that Catholics who joined were frequently ostracised by their communities and became prime targets for the IRA. Reinforcing this point, the 1998 RUC Community Attitudes Survey found that ‘fear of intimidation upon themselves or their families’ was the principal reason that Catholics were deterred from joining the RUC (cited by 70 per cent).


    The first police fatality of the troubles was killed by loyalists in October 1969. The first WPC was also killed by loyalists (March 1975). The last RUC officer killed was mortally wounded by loyalists and died in October 1998. Clear up rates for loyalist terrorism has always been much higher than for republican terrorism. In 1999 (up to 3 October) 164 members of Loyalist paramilitary organisations have been charged with terrorist offences, as opposed to 91 Republicans.

    Loyalist collusion is the most serious charge levelled at the police by Sinn Fein-IRA. One simple statistic can place it in context. In the troubles, 190 members of the IRA were assassinated (i.e., killed individually by design, not killed in action as in Loughgall). Of those, 164 were killed by fellow republican terrorists. Loyalists killed only 26. So only 26 IRA members, in the whole 30 years of conflict, could even theoretically have been killed by police collusion with loyalists.
  14. Where in my orignial post did it say I was slagging off its Officers.?

    Those 18 criminal offences could have been Drink Driving related.

    Tell me Manchestercop, Is that why you mailed me last night asking if I was in the Job to out me!!!!
  15. I was actually talking about spike and others in NI. Guilty conscience?

    How am I 'outing' you? Are you a walt? It's only walts that are 'outed'.......