PSIs (your views).

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by NINJA69, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Is your PSI an integral part of your unit or is he / she a has been waiting for their pension sat in the TAC with their feet up body swerving their way out of doing any work.
  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    As a PSI, I feel that I was a key member of the Regt and Bty, I took part in all activities social and military :D
  3. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    If they are any of the above - their Regiment / Corps should never allowed them to go and be the face of their family and what they represent. The unit chain of command should also have enough stones to speak with said individual if they weren't pulling their weight.
  4. What sort of stupid point are you trying to make here? I could say exactly the same about TA that never deploy and are selective about what they do, when they do it and how much effort they put in. I could also comment that maybe, just maybe..... some TA sit back, feet up and relax knowing they are getting paid to do so!

    I wont say any of that because that woul make me as petty as you.

    On what do you base these sweeping generalisations you buffoon?
  5. In my opinion, based on nearly 13 years in the TA), in the main over that period ours (Para Regt) have been excellent in their differing ways and approach to the job. Once both parties have gained the measure and respect of each other then the results have been good; the best PSIs have been those who have done their job with a light touch of the reins rather than a heavy-handed grip of them, delegate responsibility appropriately and provide the necessary professional advice and guidance when required.

    We're fortunate that the PSIs we receive are at the 'top of their game' and come to the posts with a wealth of past/recent operational and training establishment experience and we have benefited from this, their interest and motivation in passing on their knowledge and ours in wanting to receive it so that we can do our jobs better when we serve on operations with our Regular contemporaries.
  6. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    I would agree with this. In my ten years or so, we have only had one or two bad PSI's and i beleive they were RTU'd, not sure if by themselves or otherwise.
    If ever there is a probelm, its that they come with a regulars mindset, which sometimes causes conflict between TA and Reg. For example, the reg disciplinary attitude to ND's is different to the TA one.
  7. It iis obligatory in some Regts/ Corps to serve a tour with the TA in order to reach Warrant Officer. You tend to get the guys on the way up.
  8. How many TA do you know who turn up, either on FTRS or Ops, who decide that wearing uniform is personal choice? Or leave a commitment massively less fit than when they arrived? Or decide that out of sight is out of mind, and bin soldiers course applications? Proffer opinions that the CoC is pointless to recruits?

    If you think that the PSI turn up to TA units with a positive attitude, you be spot on. If you think they all leave an impression of a professional Army on leaving, you're mistaken. Whether they decide it's a punishment posting or a holiday I don't know, but half the PSIs I've worked with suffer from a serious attrition of enthusiasm to the point of lazyness. I know one who bought a guitar the second week on the job and left having taught himself how to play 8O

    Depends, I guess, on how active the role is. If the TA unit is small, or poorly run, the PSI can only self motivate for so long before it starts to affect them.
  9. I have no doubt that you get some lack lustre PSI's in the same way that there are some singularly unimpressive TA soldiers. What I do take umbrage at, is the fact that very sweeping terms are being used here. In the same way you would not like me to infer that all TA are fat, lazy and useless (which I havent if you take the time to read my previous post properly!) I dont like you commenting on PSIs in sweeping, generalised terms. Its mindsets like this that put the TA and the regulars at odds with each other..... TA this..... Regs that.....

    Just be a little more specific and/or accurate when you make comments!
  10. good to see the "one army" concept is alive and well unless it involves a regular mindset and a little lamb being told off having been naughty with his gun!! there is no difference between a regular ND or a TA ND they both sting like buggery if your on the receiving end
  11. Here is a general sweeping statement for you in my 12 years in the TA in general the PSI`s in my unit have been excellent apart from 2 one REME and one RLC (I wont mention RSM`s, TM`s and the like becuase they are not really PSI`s to my mind) the RLC PSI who was rubbish had only taken the job so he could make WO2 and was not in the slightest bit interested in the job on one weekend he even sacked an exersise on the saturday afternoon as the weather forcast predicted rain the rubish REME PSI has destroyed my regiments LAD by not giving a toss and just moaning about not wanting to have left germany letting the NRPS staffy act like he is still a WO1 and basicaly spending more time on leave than kids spend at school. The only 2 critasims I have of the rest is the tendance to micromanage that creeps in after about 6 months or so and the fact that they have this habit of going on about commitment when people are only commited to do 27 days a year i could go on about this bit for hours but I wont i will shut up now
  12. All the PSIs I experienced were excellent and went on to greater things (inc. LE Commission in most cases). The only down side I noticed was a tendancy to use the posting as an opportunity to guzzle courses they'd never get the time for at their own Bns. Fair play in one sense, but it did leave us short-changed, especially when we'd still need those course qualified pax after they'd gone.
  13. PSIs: How to measure the success of a PSI ?

    Attendance: Good PSIs will be enthusastic, motivated and professional to the Nth degree. PSIs train the lads and lasses that support the Regular lads and lasses on Ops. He or she should bear THAT in mind at all times. If they're doing alright, attendance will remain steady and even increase.

    Bad PSIs ? The lowering of attendance on Drill Nights and Week-ends is a pretty good indicator.

    Years ago, I left a brilliant unit which had a great (TA) CO and pretty sh*t -hot Regular cohort. Result ? Unit winning most of the competitions and generally being successful in what they did. My Dets were, and I don't mind saying so, the best of the bunch.

    They were a riot to be with and I confess to enjoying every minute of the tour. Left on promotion.

    Fast forward 6 months and I met one of the TA SNCOs on a course. He told a tale of real woe. New PSI turned out to be a complete debt ridden knob who simply could not work in isolation. Didn't like the awkward shift work that the TA has to work to and was constantly in the shit for mal-administration of his Det. Result ? Low attendance on the part of the Det and a feeling that I, as their former Regular SNCO had been let down by MCM div by posting this knob into a job that clearly didn't suit him. All the hard work down the tube. (mind you, it doesn't take the TA long to perk up again after a particular w*anker has left and I inlude a CO in that list)

    PSIs and Training Officers et al need to be SELECTED for TA work. Welfare cases and those in their last 2 years will not, in the main, have the correct attitude required for the job.

    TA ain't a swan. It f*cks up your week-ends and, lets face it, some nights you would rather be in front of the Telly than be at the Drill Hall, but you just crack-on with it. This needs to be made clear to the prospective PSI before he's even considered for the job - and that starts at the ACR and OJAR interviews in his regualr unit.

    No excuse for bad PSIs.....selecting poor material for the job is to blame, that and regular RSMs and weak Adjts and COs not taking corrective action.

    Good PSIs are, in the main the majority, but RSMs and (especially TA COs) need to be on the case of poor quality PSIs from day one.

    If you have a bad PSI in your unit, don't f*ck about, let someone know. Don't wait for him or her to do his 2-3 years then mince off (possibly on promotion).

    All TA units should have a unit training committee. If the training is being affected, don't dress it up as the shortcomings of Defence Estates / Range availability / MTDs etc, if it's down to an idle PSI, drop that effing bombshell.

    The TA are being used more than ever on Ops. It is incumbent on the Regular Army to select the best SNCOs (AND -it must be said-Officers too) to train them.



    Rant over.

    Ah! they're open......
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Absolutely agree, but the examples i can think of go back a number of years. Whereas a reg nd results in loss of money at least, this is almost unheard of in the ta, or at least my unit. ND's are punished, but not in such a way that it makes the trained soldier decide not to come in again, an option the reg does not have.
  15. Had both good and bad PSI's, depending on where thet wanted to head. Had a fair share of the wanting to shag the girls type, whilst away from wifey, do as many courses as possible, or just blame the TA bod as he is nothtere to defend himself. These on the whole tended to shoot themselves in the foot get caught and moved on, and yes some of them needed to be binned. But in the main had some very excellent, experienced and usefull types.

    I thoroughly agree with Scabbers:

    "PSIs and Training Officers et al need to be SELECTED for TA work. Welfare cases and those in their last 2 years will not, in the main, have the correct attitude required for the job."