PSIs to qualify for bounty at TA units

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by thegeezer, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Yes, God bless 'em

  2. No!!

  1. Apparently under JPA all regs who pass their MATTs will qualify for a bounty when attached to TA units. This is due to start next year - applications for extensions are already being submitted here!!
  2. o_O ..............
  3. Bollox! They already get x-factor and are paid 24-7 and they get a hefty pension to boot!

    If this is a wah then I'm wahhed!
  4. Well it might stop them whining about us whinging about our bounties :D . which one do they get though if its based on years service in the ta might be some very pissed off PSI s :D
  5. Fucking hell! Thats a bit of a crafty ruse!
  6. can really see it but how much would a psi sgt/ssgt lose over the year on the reduced x factor (as you shouldn't be able to get both).
  7. They go straight in at top whack bounty AND they keep the X-Factor cos they are deployable
  8. but they are not deployable when attached to a TA unit........

    i'll try to confirm this but would assume that rumour control has gone mad
  9. Of course its a wha, the document I read mentioned everyone doesn't get X factor until they've qualified on MATTs and therefore deployable, all get bounties.

    One Army! Regular and casual labour
  10. They should get the money on what grade PSI they are:

    Grade 1: I have done it all.
    Grade 2: Sat on fat arrse all day supping brews
    Grade 3: I know it all but not telling
    Grade 4: walking around with hands in smock pocket thinking their god
    Grade 5: Pissed up useless Fecker
    Grade 6: Wake me up when it's all over

    Had maybe two decent ones in the last ten years.
  11. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Not so - we had PSIs come out with us to Iraq - and bloody glad of them we were too! For our early TELIC, they were essential as the Regs had no idea of the capabilities we brought (many well outside the norm for our Cap Badge) and the PSIs had instant credibility - unlike us!
  12. Apparently they will also get paid for coming in - but only if they wear uniform.
  13. regs already get bounties which are substantially more than ours
  14. What about NRPS, do you think they should get a bounty too?.
  15. A bounty? Possibly.

    But how about, instead, a 10 000 volt cattle prod up their lazy, golf playing, 'can't do that, it's not in the JSP', won't come in at weekends, just waiting for the pension, get the volunteers to do all the work, don't like uniform, this isn't a retirement home you know - people go off on ops -arrses.

    [OK maybe a bit unfair]