PSIs Shagging about

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by BRIAN, Jan 23, 2004.

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  1. Is it me or do PSIs see the OTC posting as a shag fest!

    This is wrong, theve got a lot to offer us but instead focus on their wonka.

    i wish i had a fanny so got more attention, instead it is wasted on bints who got nothing to offer but a dirty shag in the back of a 4 tonner.

    The other thing that botthers me is most are WO2s so are normally married and should not shag around at this rank.

    Well all i know is that as soon as i gave up my OTC relationship, my ex had a particularly PSI sniffing, difficult to not knock his bollx into his fcuking brains, as was tempting, sometimes i wish i wash a pottential squaddie as opposed to a pottential tofficer, so i could get away with such behaviour considering the nobber is quite a bit smaller than me.
  2. Oooh, you bitter, twisted, sad little man.

    She's left you, hasn't she. So what's to stop her doing what ever she likes.

    Please, please, don't allow something like that to stop you. In any case, you mention that you'd failed RCB, so you're not really a potential anything, are you?

    Get real, crow. Come 2100, wedding rings go in the pocket; anyone knows that. And who are you to dictate what Seniors should and shouldn't do?

    And to finish, I note in some of your other posts that you talk of 'wanting to shag after coming of ex/ops...' Ops? Really? Don't make me come over there...

    Do one, and then come back and talk to me.

    I've nothing against OTCs; indeed at one time I was a proud member of one. However, at that stage I would never have dared call myself a 'serving soldier in the British Army' like you so blithely do. Shame on you.
  3. Lol Gizzit,
    You make me laugh. You know exactly what JB is on about but have decided that you're above it now and that you'll pretend that it's nothing to do with you, look down you nose, over your port glass, at the people involved, and point an arthritis ridden finger.
    Shame really, as though JB might be talking from personal experience, he does raise a valid point. No one expects fidelity, but shagging WOCdts 15 years junior is almost out of order.
    Also, it is a touch off-putting when the only people to get any attention are those with mammaries!
    You knew exactly what the topic was on Gizzit, shame you couldn't resist the high horse.
    Shame on YOU!
  4. gizzet dont jump to conclusions about peoples previous experiences.

    this is a forum on the subject at hand, psi shagging it dont matter what is said in previous posts.

    RCB failure, well that doesnt mean nout, im still going again!
  6. I'm sure a few people on here who were AUOTC a few years ago will remember a certain Sigs PSI who got caught shagging a WOCdt.

    He rapidly found himself having a CO's interview "sans coffee" and was out the door before anybody had worked out what had happened.

    Never saw the WOCdt after that either, which was a shame because she was quite tasty as well.

    Fatcakes... any ideas what happened to her?
  7. Yep, seen it, and seen a warrent officer, no name or capbadge, but he was posted on pretty swiftly

    It'd been going on for months apparently, but all I know is the rumour, as I was only a sprog OCdt at the time

    It's fair enough if all concerned are consenting, single adults, but there is an issue with the abuse of power and position here, and I think on balance it should be discouraged. It's also not really all that great to hear of marrages ruined by OTC postings, and it does happen.

    Power is an aphrodesiac, I know, but still, we should expect better standards of officers and warrent officers, the position carries certain perks and certain responsibilities, even if they are unspoken. If nothing else, it sets a bad example to a group who will grow up into the officers of the future, and they should learn the whole officer and gentleman (or lady) bit from the example of those around them.

    Maybe I'm just bitter cos I'm an ugly bastard, and never get any offers?
  8. WO2 PSIs are allowed to shag about. They request postings to UOTCs etc, purely for that reason and that reason alone. Yep, it pisses off the pondlife like yourself, but hey, if you were a chick and had the choice between getting a length from a 'been there, seen it, got the Tee shirt' WO2 or some spotty herbert in his third year of a useless fcuking Latin'd go 'green' everytime.

    Now get back to the students union and get yourself another alcopop. Fcuking halfwit.

    Potential Officer? I can't find any reason to disagree with you here. You have the appropriate level of intellect and maturity for the job and you'll fit right in.

    That's if you pass the course. Clown.
  9. PS. I was a PSI and I had a ball. I completly wrecked this blokes realtionship by humping his chick........and I'm married! That should stick in your throat.....civvy.
  10. fcukin hell, you really are the mutts nuts! Hope mummy's proud.
  11. She wasn't chuffed no, but then again neither was yours.......especially when I wiped my dick on her curtains.
  12. clearly you have no standards, my mum's dead.
  13. He might be. He might not be. Pretty much nobody bar OTC cares.

    No he does not. He makes a petulant whine.

    Presumably as it is only "almost" out of order, it is actually IN order?

    Its the real world. Get used to it - there is tons of it to be found outside of student life.


    Final point - I think the name you wanted is actually Jamaican Beer Can. Promounced with a West Indian accent.

    Fcuking students cant even make a joke work.
  14. Lucy - quite witty, although a little scathing! Arthritis?! Perhaps I was a bit harsh, though.

    Jamaican Beer Can/Bacon/Whatever your bloody name is.

    When I can make head or tail of your post, I'll try and formulate some kind of reply. I am by no means a 'Queen's English' snob or anything, but your post transcends boundaries.

    In the meantime...

    Be a man. Try it. See what happens. Oh God please try it...
  15. BB, thanks. I feel like my eyes have been opened to the world as it really is. How could I have been so naive? What a dozy pillock I am? You are my saviour.
    Now that I am aware that there is a "real world" out there, I still feel duty bound to point out that shagging between the PSIs and the cadets is out of order as it leads to a complete lack of respect being accorded to WO2s who are worthy of far more. This lack of respect can be found with those who have had a bit of regular meat, and those who have observed the behaviour of the parties involved. We may not be a professional organisation, but there should still be professional standards. Surely, shagging is ok as long as it doesn't interfere with the necessary staff/student relationship in the training environment.
    No, I do not expect PSIs to be chaste, but I do expect them to hump and dump rather than continually kissing WOCdt arrse.