PSIs posted to TA Brigade/Unit

I want to take the opertunity to open a site for existing PSIs and those who are posted into a TA Be/Unit to express their views.

Currently few believe that a posting to a TA Brigade will gain promotion.

What do the serving PSIs out there believe?

2 Bde is a National Communications Brigade which has seen very few of its PSIs promoted recently (none this year, none the year before).

So if you cant expect promotion, why go to 2 Brigade?

Is it a posting for those wanting promotion, or is it a graveyard, irrespective of what you want.

What is your experience of serving with a TA Brigade in the last year or so?

Time to start the thread, see you all soon.
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If you put that you are unwilling to serve with the TA on your CR /OJAR by definition you are unwilling to serve as an RSM (work out the PSIs slots below) or CO (work out the potential adjutants & Regt 2IC /Trg Maj & QMs slots below ) of these units. Therefore divide your chances of actually being promoted into these positions by two. (My last count has approx 50/50 on TA Regts to Reg Regts this may have swung slightly in favour of the TA would have to check (10/11 reg/TA I think again checking is required) .

If your good enough to throw away the option crack on. Else be a fool.


Thank goodness you're not a PSI in my Sqn.

in the last 3 years at my unit there has been

1 Sgt promoted on posting
1 SSgt promoted on posting
1 SSgt promoted in post and moved over to the Regt Trg Cell
2 Sgt's promoted in post both moved from PSI to SPSI

Promotion does happen, and the last 4 RSM's of the unit (current included) have all either been an SPSI or a PSI in a TA unit at some point.

I still stand by the age old problem of who is writing your CR and also how well you perform and sell yourself in the job :)

There are a great many PSI's that come into the job with the misconception that its a cushy little number, it can be but you have to put the hours in to make it like that and above all you have to get on with the TA, any hint of you trying to 'large it up' over them and trying to treat them as inferior will just see you working harder to do the work yourself.

Remember the TA vote with their feet, you do a crap job or annoy them and they dont come in, they dont come in you work more and ultimately you end up with an under recruited troop that you have the responsibility for.

And when all is said and done, these guys look to the PSI's to show them how to be better soldiers, they arent all like Dad's Army and many of them are more than willing to go and do what a lot of the Regular soldiers dont want to do ;)

You want better TA soldiers then lead by example and show them how to achieve it ;)
I had the privilege of serving with the TA a while ago, and my tale must be tempered by that fact - but it was a privilege and a thoroughly enjoyable tour. I went in with the usual cynicism, scepticism and ignorance but actually had my eyes well and truly opened. However, to the point of this thread - my Battalion, even back then, had a fairly enlightened view and regarded the TA as an adjunct of the regular battalion. We swapped offrs, WOs and SNCOs and were happy to employ soldiers where we could. PSIs and SPSIs were responsible for training these guys and thus had a heavy responsibility. Of note was that at the time the regular battalion RSMs has all done tours with the TA; a tradition which was kept up for some time afterwards.
What stopped this? Well, drawdown mostly. Opportunities for regimental service at 'E' simply dried up with the end of the Depots etc. WOs and SNCOs had few places to do their stuff outside of the regulars and hence a posting to the TA took on an even higher profile. It became one of the few places where these guys could stretch their wings and show a bit more flexibility.
It was and is an outstanding proving ground with many opportunities. For the reasons outlined above a posting to the TA must be seen as a career enhancer and something to be grabbed with both hands. It will obviously depend on individual units, but from my POV it works.
Go for it.
There is no doubt about it at all, if you cant do the job as a Troop Sergeant or a Troop Staffy then you are going to fail miserably as a PSI/SPSI.

I think some of the problem lies with the fact that more often than not the newly promoted Sergeant, wanting to go places but having never really had a chance to cut his teeth with all the proper admin of running a troop, soon finds that for the best part of the week you are virtually on your own organising everything, responsible for maintaining most of the stuff, doing countless reams of paperwork and then having to help out with Regimental stuff too.

The PSI is there to administer the Troop from start to finish, from the time the Troop knock off on a drill night until they come back the following week, so anyone thinking about it bear that in mind. If you are able to think on your feet and get on with the job then there isnt a problem ;)

If you think of the PSI being equivalent to a Troop Staffy in mainstream and the SPSI as an SSM, then when you wont be far wrong when it comes to the amount of workload.
The problem with CRs/OJARs from TA units is that everything is stacked against you from the start.
1. Regardless of your performance, effectiveness in post you don't get the same opportunities to be recognised as your peer group in Mech/Armd Bdes, Divs etc.
2. There is an unwritten pecking order of posts, Grade 1, 2 & 3. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out where TA units in a TA Bde come in that pecking order.
3. Unless a Grade 1 Offr/WO/SNCO asks for a TA (Grade 3 ) post as a preference, he is likely to be posted to a Grade 1 post. The perception is therefore that the TA is filled by individuals who are not quite first 11 if you know what I mean. (Ask how many Regular COs of a TA unit ever made it to Brigadier or how many Comds of TA Bdes ever comanded a TA Regt?)
4. As a PSI in an outlying sqn, you rarely get to see the individual who writes your report, regardless of how many frustrating hours of work you put in.
5. It is not an even playing field when promotion boards look at similar reports, one from a Tp SSgt in an Armd Bde and one from a PSI in a TA Regt. The perception by boards is that the report from the individual in an Arms Bde counts more. In reality the individual in a TA unit often works just as hard, must be completely self-motivated has virtually no staff to delegate work to, has very little of the normal social life, has no peer help and is subject to the same inspections as a regular unit including ECIs, RSIT, LSI and H&S.
6. We are also in a situation that almost every report except for those in a TA unit have an Op insert slip. (Nothing like the smell of cordite to boost your report up a point or two on the board!) Again, in reality you can't really fail on Ops unless you are a complete donkey - full Op manning, captured audience 24/7 and a whole logistics organisation geared up to supporting you and NO domestic pressures to distract your troops.
7. Who writes your report? VERY IMPORTANT!! There are quality TA COs but in general Boards don't know them and don't quite trust them compared to the gods of the Corps commanding 1(UK) Div, 3 Div, 7 Sigs, 30 Sigs or any of the Armd or Mech Bdes.
:( Bottom line - career more important than location, don't go to a TA unit! :(
Thanks for all the replies to this thread, I am sure they will guide us who are due posting to PSI jobs within TA roles.

For msr, I was simply opening a thread. I probably will never serve as a PSI in your unit. If I do, I am sure the weekends will be interesting.

Any other intersting thoughts on roles within the TA and promotion prospects out there?
INT QSL said:
Interestingly, we are now getting individuals from the great Corps phoning up asking if we have vacancies coming up and volunteers for the posts!
Thats good to hear, is this the first step to TA posts being viewed as a career enhancing post. (The Infantry treat it that way).
All the Reg RSM's here since time began have either been commissioned or got a" job for life" on the inside. It's not where you go, but who you impress when you get there. More funny handshakes than a funny handshake bar can help as you approach the twilight zone of life, think two pensions and loads of old mates looking after you.
Firstly, remember the aim of any posting, career wise, is to enhance your profile. By definition you need a profile to enhance. So if you are a 17 or 18 year SSgt with service at a limited number or type of units, then the TA is not for you son. If, however, you are a 11/12 year flyer, with a broad background then 2 reports from the TA is a plus. It gives a board a view on how you cope with the differing requirements of the TA (and boy can they be different) and fits you up for TA WO2 and WO1 slots later in life. Also, dont forget that if you are in your last years, the TA can offer a local posting in return for a bit of enthusisam

Secondly, dont be blinded by figures, how many SSgts . WO2s promoted whilst serving at 30, 7, 1 Div et al but on reports recieved in their previous (TA) tour? At least 3 in the last year in my unit.

Finally, the quality of the report can vary depending on the CO's ability - check they highlight what characteristics they highlight and what this means for you when you are compared to the masses on a promotion board. It would be productive for MCM Div to provide a few good and bad examples of such on their roadshows. How 'bout it.
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