PSI- What exactly do they do?

Hey, so what do they do? I was under the impression that they are more behind the scenes leaving the running of the parade night and teaching to the TA JNCO, SNCO and they arrange the courses, exercise areas and put input into what they should be training towards ect ect! Or does it vary from unit to unit?
The question is a completely different one. It's not the "PSIs - are they good guys or a bunch of tw*ts?" that we have had in several threads before which inevitably descends into the anecdotal and raises tempers.

The question is what is the best way that a PSI can work with TA officers and NCOs, PSAOs, regimental hierarchy and paired regiments to have the best effect at all levels?

It's a hard one to answer and depends upon the character and commitment of all the above, as well as the role of the unit, the location of the TAC and a whole host of other factors.

The best advice yet posted on this subject is HarrySmith95th's post here:

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