PSI walts?

I know a PSI who is from 1 RHA but does claim to certain individuals that he is a pathfinder, and has done pre para and pre commando. This is despite the fact that he only wears gunner TRFs etc, and wears no inisgina that would suggest he is a pathfinder. Is he taking the p*ss or could he be for real? I dont intend to grass on him/humiliate him, but it does seem that he is telling porkies.
Oh great, another boring walt hunter.....
However as a pathfinder he would not have had to serve in either.

Edited to add I have just responded to a post that has disappeared :?
DGSx said:
I was worried for a second that this was going to be a thread about people walting as a PSI... But that would just be too odd.

Indeed! Imagine someone trying to impress others by claiming to spend weekends & Weds evenings training a bunch of grey haired/balding, overweight people (like me!) !

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