PSI walts?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ub2008, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. I know a PSI who is from 1 RHA but does claim to certain individuals that he is a pathfinder, and has done pre para and pre commando. This is despite the fact that he only wears gunner TRFs etc, and wears no inisgina that would suggest he is a pathfinder. Is he taking the p*ss or could he be for real? I dont intend to grass on him/humiliate him, but it does seem that he is telling porkies.
  2. He wouldn't wear the PF DZ flash if he was no longer serving with them. Does he wear his Para wings?
  3. Let's start with an easy one, does he have a frown and a passion for golfing?

    We can get to the unit later.
  4. I was worried for a second that this was going to be a thread about people walting as a PSI... But that would just be too odd.
  5. Oh great, another boring walt hunter.....
  7. However as a pathfinder he would not have had to serve in either.

    Edited to add I have just responded to a post that has disappeared :?
  8. Nothing to do with tyre pressures then?

  9. Indeed! Imagine someone trying to impress others by claiming to spend weekends & Weds evenings training a bunch of grey haired/balding, overweight people (like me!) !