PSI Posting Length!

Hey, just interested to find out how many PSI are now doing a 4 year posting instead of the usual 2/3 years? And is 4 years too long in your opinion to be away from the main stream?

bad PSI too long good PSI not long enough!
depends on how close the unit is with the regs, were 1 sqn with in 1 reg so we are very close so there isnt to much drama's and we have joint mess do's across all ranks,
which keeps the stabs in the eyes of the reg and visa versa.
but our current PSI has been Medically downgraded and had his post extended for another year bad times!! but the last PSI every one was begging to keep him!! good times just ashame he was ginger :)
I did 2 years, i would say 3 is long enough and probably better than 2, but 4 is too long.

I found after 2 years coming back to the regs i hadn't really missed out on much and would say i benefitted from my 2 years at the TA as i was involved in a lot that i would not normally have dealt with.

Now i can confidently take on tasks that are outside my job spec and actually find some of the panic that goes on in planning exercises etc quite amusing as i was involved in this sort of process week in week out at the TA.

Niff naff and triv such as getting : ammo, rations, compo and fresh, POL, sourcing local LPG gas suppliers, booking trg areas/camps/accomodation, port a potties, dirty water disposal, rubbish disposal, obtaining trg aids, weapons, vehicles or eqpts, comms eqpt,setting up camp sites, getting several hundred TA wallahs into a trg camp, fed, watered, oreintated, briefed, re-fueled, leagured up and basically adminned, then moved to several other camps over a 2 week period, jacking up entertainment for them, nearly all with minimum time frames, as well as teaching lessons when instructers had failed to tip up. Running RSW's, orgainising PT, even organising drill nights, last, as key personnel had not been able to attend that night and the scrotes would be stood around directionless. Getting an e mail on a Wed morning asking if you can jack up something for that weekend, without any pre-planning, all achievable if you are positive about it and make the right contacts.

Doing the above 2-3 times a year, then at least 2 weekends of each month on a smaller scale, soon teaches you alot.

All of the above would normally be done by all of the following, MTWO,RQMS,CSM, RSO, OPs officer, CQMS's etc etc, all of these in my Bn where TA 'enablers', who were not always (and to be honest, in my case, rarely) available, beyond the original planning stages,so it is a steep learning curve, but also beneficial to you as a SPSI, so long as you are willing to give it a go.

It was hectic, annoying (why can't people plan more than 3 days ahead!!!) and frustrating, but looking back good fun. I would definately do it again, or recommend it to anyone thinking about it.
Im down for three, but hopefully the escape tunnel will only take 24 months to dig!

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