PSF forces BBC editor to resign from RAuxAF

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Whiskybreath, Sep 18, 2007.

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  1. From the Irish News.

    I'm surprised that this hasn't made more of an impact on national news today, even though the excuse PSF have made seems to be that he'd be somehow less than impartial in his day job. Quite how that works, I don't know, but it is surely very disturbing that membership of the volunteer Forces is being targeted like this by these people. The BBC management have also shown themselves to be distinctly yellow-tinged.

    Presumably if he'd been a convicted terrorist pub-bomber they wouldn't be too worried. I hope there's debate about this at Stormont, but not holding breath.
  2. It was originally brought up as a conflict of interest by the Guardian Media section last week. It does actually contravene BBC guidlines.

    However, it's disgusting that SF are politicising it. Outrage, my balls.

    edited to add: Correction, it was Private Eye that broke it as a story.
  3. There are a lot of journalists in the reserves, I know quite a few who do a great job with little to no publicity. Presumably David Blaine the weatherman will also hand his resignation from the RNR in with immediate effect too?
  4. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    Feck All to do with the PSF - Private Eye broke the story, BBC dealt wit the case according to their own rules/standards, and these scum are now jumping on the bandwagon, trying to claim "credit" for this.

    The sort of despicable opportunism and chicanery we've all come to expect (and no, not just of PSF, but of all politicians).
  5. The perceived conflict of interest was that he was using his experience of BBC news reporting to train RAF officer to 'handle' news reporters (including from the BBC).

    Had he been a pilot/engineer/mover etc etc it wouldn't have been an issue.
  6. It was clear from the original Private Eye piece that Mike Cairns was well and truly dicked by someone within the BBC.

    It was also clear that he could not have undertaken his RAuxAF role without the approval of his superiors at the BBC and so he was not in breach of internal rules.

    There was no question of impartiality as he was not involved with defence matters and, as a Wg Cdr, would not have been giving media training.

    It's a sad loss for the RAF who have lost an experienced journo and a decent guy. Lord knows the military could do with some expertise when it comes to media matters.
  7. It would be interesting to know how this will impact on, say, MOG(V).

    And I agree utterly with your above post (my bold).
  8. I know Mike well and will probably hear more of the background to this later tonight, possibly try to get him back into the VR(T) to at least keep him in blue uniform . :evil:
  9. Two words;



  10. Next Maskey et al will be taking issue with the British Broadcasting Corporation.

    Shooooorely another clear conflict of interests ? Ed