Pseudo-military types and their relationship with Kent Police a little more


A cubic parsec of custard would weigh roughly 3.81x10[sup]52[/sup]kg?*

I may have already mentioned this fact in another shit thread, but I think that it's the sort of truly useless fact that everyone should know. Did you know that is more than 1% of the estimated total mass of the universe?

To make it equal, I'd have to fill my parsec cube with platinum. And build 4 more of them.

Er, does anyone have a lump of platinum the size of the known universe that they don't need? I'll bung £20 to a charity of your choice if you can deliver it to my house by the end of the week.


*Eagle-eyed members may notice that I got this wrong before - I calculated it in tonnes and wrote it in kg.
I used to have the cupboard full of them as my missus was on some weight loss crap so come munchie time the cupboard is toppers with rice cake things , ******* whore !!!

Now I see she has shed the pounds and has turned into an annoying gym bunny who gives people fitness advice on facebook!! ******* fit looking whore !!!!

You had to bring up snack a jacks didn't ya

Don't knock the rice cake thingies, they make an amazing, environmentally friendly, alternative to EPS for packing things.


Oh sorry, when the OP wrote "Pseudo-military types and their relationship with Kent Police" I thought he meant one of our lot at Ash shagging a WPC in her patrol car - sorry

These authentic native chicks............tell me more......


I thought you could get that for a packet of Du Mauriers, a pint of Pilsner and a rail of coke.

Here in Ottawa, that`s the going rate for a Mohawk. You can get a Cree for less, and the Inuit hardly even know about coke if you exploit them fresh enough off the bushplane. Usually a 6 dollar bottle of Kelly`s sherry will get them pulling out the taxpayerfunded dentures and going to work like a cocksucking dervish.

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