Pseudo-military types and their relationship with Kent Police a little more

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Jul 6, 2013.

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  1. "Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 22:20:16 +0000

    I thought you might have been.

    I am amazed to discover that whilst you were looking at KATC and Major 'Clive' I was also submitting concerns to KCC Youth & Community and HQ SE District and the SIB concerning this bunch of dodgy characters."

    The email went on to describe allegations about Kent Police "Leaning on him" to be quiet.

    This is a part from an email sent on the date above.

    As you know the Reliance Security team at Deal Barracks 1989 went on, after the terrorist bombing, uninvestigated to guard Channel Tunnel and Council 24 hour emergency control rooms etc.

    It is certain that one guard, using a false REME Record to clear vetting, was an adult leader of the Kent Adventure Training Corps pseudo military cadet group. It is thought that two other guards were with a similar pseudo cadet group of Folkestone.

    And it has been on threads that when REME Corps Secretariat carried out a check in the late 90s (having never been asked to carry out such a check by Kent Police) they chose to call in MOD Police.

    But of course, keeping powder dry a tad, there was this ex officer who at some point involved SE Command and SIB completely independent of my concern. And who was in fact also in touch with KCC Youth Group affiliation as I was. The first the KCC Youth inquiries knew that an adult leader of KATC was on Reliance Security was from a complainant. Police had been lying to KCC inquiries for 18 months. (The deputy senior CID Deal Bombing case as a matter of fact)

    Isn't it strange how this retired military officer's experience then was so similar to others who complained about Deal barracks activity or any form of paramilitary activity in the county? The local Plod allegedly leaning on him to try to shut him up.

    And you will notice that the involvement of SIB by a retired officer seems to have pre-dated the outing of the famous Deal Barracks walt Jimbo.

    Kent Police what a rum old outfit you are.
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