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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Phil306, Apr 25, 2005.

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  1. I'm asking for information regarding this particular training outfit:

    If anyone has any info about this organization, I would appreciate it.

    Thank you.
  2. Looks professional enough, appears to be linked to some of the biggest firms working in Iraq and elsewhere. The guys appear to have all the right background and associations and the drills look right.

    They have obviously made some good money in Iraq and decided to capitalise and set up their own business - very smart move given the current climate I would say, good on 'em. Course prices are clearly targetted at the service leavers resettlement package, another indication that all is good and thought out properly.

    If I was you Phil I'd give them a ring, ask them to put you in touch with past students. You also might try phoning Aegis or similar for an opinion. I suspect the news will probably be good, but if you are looking at getting into this kind of employment you want to be sure its the best you can get and I'm sure they will understand that.
  3. Call me cynical but.........

    They have a wall of shame for those that don't turn up to the course/don't pay/defraud them!!

    they are dropping 500 quid off the price of the course

    the instructors are all in iraq right now...who is actually teaching the course

    If look look at the actual blurb behind who the instructors are can you actually see much apart from hot air!!

    Ie 7 years with commachio group "anti terrorist unit".........A standard bootneck, might have reached coporal if he was a flyer!!

    Liberal splashing of "Special forces and 22 SAS"...... (in support of)

    served on Op Telic.....not that long out the forces

    holds Executive Membership to the Professional Bodyguard Association (PBA) and the Association of Professional Surveillance Operators (APSO). Member of International Association of Counter Terrorist & Security Professionals. (IACSP). MK is also a member of the American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET

    what does all this gumf mean honestly

    Free market, opportunity seen, can you blame them? probably not

    Do the big companies rate the course/have employers recognised the course and employed guys for iraq on the basis of attending this course

    Interested to know

    A cynical old c+nt
  4. Guys - PSD Training run a great course!

    The yanks on lightfighter just don't like brits, their gungho tactics look great, but they've all watched too many movies!

    PSD Training teaches brit tactics, from the RMP book and others (yeh, u know who I mean)

    The course bridges the gap between normal Close Protection and the high risk work of Iraq, different tactics and ways of working than London!

    How do I know? Because I've been there and done it. The troops get hammered during the drills, its as real as it can get, on a training course.

    I was with ex paras and marines doing drills and it was great, we got daily briefings on real time info from Iraq - which was friggin scary! they don't hold their punches, one guy actually left the course on the 2nd to last day because of what the instructors showed and told us.

    A & S were great instructors, with real experience, they were able to convey their own experiences into the lessons, some of which were classroom work, but mostly drills. I couldn't believe how much was involved, most nights we were up till 2am working. Then they would attack us with simulated rockets and mortars.

    IMHO it is the dogs bollox!

    They have deployed lots of people, to Iraq and other places.

    Have a look at their web site it gives tons of info.

    Where am I now? Baghdad
    Who am I working for? None of your business!
    How did I get here? Because I did the their course and they got me the interview!
    Would I recommend it? Without doubt! - shows testimonials from previous guys, I'm waiting for mine to go up! :lol:

    Found this today on their site, it's a new page to me, was not there before I went: - shows companies who have employed their people, I work for one of them :wink:

    The doubters keep doubting - the do'ers - just do!

    If you are really interested send me a PM and I'll answer any questions

    They are the real thing.

    John McAleese was the first guy into the Iranian Embassy, he's chief Instructor. All the guys that work for them are ex SAS CP. Most other companies have ex-SAS who never worked the SAS CP team.
  6. Without wishing to demean anyone or any company, what relevance does a widely broadcast, 1981 CRW operation have to do with Close Protection?

    All I can say is look for current day relevance when choosing a training provider.

    Your statement of "All the guys that work for them are ex SAS CP" is factually wrong! From what I have heard on the ol' Baggers grapevine, Stirling are looking for instructors with Iraq experience at the moment, might bung my CV into them :lol:

    If you read the PSD Training web site Instructors notes, you will see relevance, all are/have worked in Iraq, all have/are working High Risk Close Protection within the last 12 months. PSD Training
  7. I would try they have all of the PSD companies interview you ( If you pass around 20% fail) they are recognised as the the best all ex Regiment boys and a couple of girls ( Ex det ) very good, but there is not that much work in Iraq at the moment due to lock downs
  8. I would try they have all of the PSD companies interview you ( If you pass around 20% fail) they are recognised as the the best all ex Regiment boys and a couple of girls ( Ex det ) very good, but there is not that much work in Iraq at the moment due to lock downs
  9. New to this site - so please bear with me. Having only worked within this industry for under a year I can certainly say that Phoenix have an extremely high standing with PSCs. However, Ronin (South African course) has excellent medical training if you need to brush up your skills. There is slow down on jobs in Iraq at the moment and it is very much the case of backfilling vacant slots rather than huge recruitmetn drives now. Regarding the slow down of the security industry - or the bursting of the bubble - with coalition forces plannign to withdraw as quick as they can, maybe this is the time for PSCs to fill that gap - template for post conflict resolution perhaps?
  10. Bags of daddy...

    I mentioned John McAleese and his CRW work because most would know him then. I didnt mention that he was one of very few guys who had done CP while in the regiment.

    I am informed that the Phoenix guys did not....

    I still recommend them. They are getting good work for all the guys that pass their course, most being immediate starts.
  11. Well, I've booked for one of their courses.

    PM'd baggsofdaddy but obviously he isn't around here now.

    I need infos, advice about : passing the course / meeting their requirements / getting recommended / how many fail.

  12. OOPS, Sorry, forgot to say "please" which is the least. :wink:
  13. Phoenix coures is held in quite a high regard
    its a bit watered down now due to the high demand
    when i done my course nearly 2 years ago there was 12 students per course
    now they are running 54 students per course!
    Ronin(the UK course not South Africa) will put you in good stead
    it is geared for the Iraq inviroment ie high intensity conflict.
    but remember all these courses are just to get your foot in the door
    the learning curve is very steep when you are on the ground.
    if anyone needs any help just drop me a line
    ive been out in Iraq for nearly 2 years and can give you a heads up on the companies out here

  14. Try:

    A couple of years back they were doing training, not sure now but definitely worth enquiring as background is sas (directors anyway) and they have proven themselves in the field.....