In response to the locked topic that was getting so interesting, it is obvious that the owner, who some of us have had the mis pleasure of knowing, (name witheld for self respect reasons, and not out of respect for the said tosspot owner) has complained, strange world i know, and it is proven that the truth does in fact hurt.
I personally think he should be named and shamed, the admin, obviously dont and if theres legal issues with that then i understand.

Admin, you have had proof ref the goings on of this company, are you saying that we are not allowed to warn people ref them ?
If so, then what you say counts and i'll shut it.
I don't think admin is trying to protect the company. Its protecting ARRSE. Don't do things that might see the end of this beloved site due to legal wranglings based on some anonymous persons opinion.

Good CO

I haven't had proof of anything and I'm really in no position to judge whether a claim or comment is true or false. What I am responsible for is keeping the site going and as such must act to remove anything that is potentially libellous. I'm no lawyer, but I am led to believe that this 'potentially libellous' is particularly an issue in the UK the onus or proof is on the defendant.

Unlike publications such as Private Eye ARRSE does not have the resources to fight legal battles - large though the site itself is, the huge staff of two part time admins simply cannot get involved in this sort of thing, and there is certainly no money to pay lawyers.

So, ARRSE is not in a position to start doing battle with anyone or provide a venue for attacks on people or organisations. We rely heavily on the 'no names' rule for our defence and that was ignored in the thread you mention.


I'd expect the donations would be enough to pay for the lawyers :p
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