Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by cynicalsubbie, Apr 6, 2006.

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  1. IMHO PSAOs merely combine the crustiness of LEs with the analness of a civil servant, why don't we just do away with them and have another E1/2 sat in their place to do all the admin? Rather than having them sat there thinking that they're actually in the chain of Command or even worse, thinking that they are infact the OC.
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  3. MSR: Although you are right, that link dosen't work.

    Unfortunatly, there are many PSAOs that are not 'good'.
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    Link sorted
  5. Yes, where are these mythical 'good PSAOs' of which you speak? The rest of us have just been dumped with the dregs of life who after thirty odd years in the army are scared of the outside world and somehow think that the rest of us ought to be in awe of their long and extensive experience shifting paper work from one pile to another.
  6. Hopefully the new NRPS terms of service will sort out/get rid of the poor ones. If anyone has the courage to make the change every 5 years!
  7. We have a great one, ex badge, but he puts some hours in, even saturdays. Admittely he has had a lot to catch up on because the previous PSAO was the worlds worst and most idle. Without our PSAO I doubt if our Sqn could survive.
  8. Cynicalsubbie, you may have a point but, alas, not one that will change the world.

    The problem is not the measure of the man, it is the length of his engagement. Once in a post, NRPS tend to stay for years and years so his level of efficiency/crapness is magnified to a far greater degree than when he was passing through two or three year posts in his regular career.

    If he's a flyer (and mine is) your world will be a better place and he will stand beside you taking on the slings and arrows of outrageous admin.

    If he isn't then you are fücked.

    C'est la guerre!
  9. Mine is fantastic. Ex - Artillery WO2, does everything asked of him and twice as much not asked. A good PSAO is the glue that binds a unit together.

    They are also politically powerful people as they hear all the grumblings below and have the OC & CO's ear above. A young subbie will do well to have his PSAO onside and use him as a font of knowledge.
  10. Once had a paso who, hilariously, wrote this memo to me:

    'If this behaviour continues I will be forced to withdraw your pay.*and blah blah blah
    The PASO

    p.s.*Not that I'm allowed to use withdrawl of pay as a threat, because I am legally obliged to pay you.'


    It is, however, brilliant to watch the political struggle for power between a tight fisted PASO and the poor OC who was convinced he'd inherited a Company.
  11. Just don't bother asking them about FTRS, they just don't want to know. Extra paperwork me thinks.
  12. In the ever increasing drive for efficiency savings, I wouldn't be surprised if the posts went non-uniformed Civil Servant though.

    It was managed with the introduction of Civil Service FSA's.

    Do you really need a Captain with all of his pension? Or could you make it a Civil service post that would give more promotion slots within their career structure? And with the lower Annual wage bill to go along with that, and assorted benefits?

    I can also make a very good argument that as FAS rolls out, that TA units could see themselves administered by their Regular counterpart, especially with the advent of JPA, when you'll be able to do most of your personal documentation over the internet.
  13. I had an excellent PSAO at a past unit, ex-para WO1, taught at RMAS, been through the falklands and probably the Boer war to boot. Now a capt, doesn't big it up but full of advice and gets things done. Any pay work, bounty issues, courses you needed to help get sorted and it'd be done.. He also had good taste in beer and kept the bar stocked acordingly - good for impromptu lessons on F & M, platoon battle drills or whatever using glass bottles and pint pots at 2am in the morning.

    Alternatively you could have a PSAO that you never see, is never around on a drill night, and has never offered to help you out with any admin issues... Interestingly that unit tends to get quite a few of those. Of course he could be a sound bloke but then why would other people be complaining (part-time)? Oh yeah, we're soldiers (part-time).

    TA_s is now watching his back.
  14. Our PSAO is fecking great, is an ex RSM so cross him and die but providing you are not a mong then he will bend over backwards to help!

    Would we really want a civil servant running his department though? At least the PSAO has a detailed understanding of almost all levels of the army including crucially the grass roots level rather then some civvy who can only count numbers and follow regulations anally to the T? Often I have been forced to make journeys which according to the rule book did not need to (strictly) be made privatly (and thus be reimbursed with a travel claim) but in which to do otherwise the amount of paperwork and complications would have meant I was unable to attend some training events. So in his wisdom I have usually been granted a few extra MTDs under the guise of things such as recruiting in order to cover my expenses.
    Against the rules - yes, but if it is the only realistic way to get a soldier (who wants to go) on a training event but is financialy unable to do so then what is the harm? Events such as this have been crucial signals to me that I am a valued part of the unit and have acted in part as a crucial retention tool, which we would lose if the rules according to the great beurorcracy (spelling I know!) in the sky were followed.
  15. Are you an accountant? In reducing the role of the PSAO to the above mentioned tasks I think you lose the true value of the time-served PSAO. He is the man who interprets the needs of the military user into civ-speak for all the various contractors who maintain the TAC. Replace him with a time-limited civil servant (what's the use of a career structure if you don't use it) and you will have the headache of educating a new building manager every two years...and then losing them.

    Picking just one of the myriad tasks that you have not mentioned as an example, the PSAO at my TAC has been needed for various functions including hosting multiple-starred guests at mid-week functions; I don't think a civvy of the same pay grade would carry that off very well at all.

    Before you know it, the unions wuold be all over the shop and the TAC would be being run for the benefit of the staff and not the soldiers.
    Tail wagging dog.
    Not a good idea Mr_R.