From what I saw of the R Mons RE, they had the worst "leadership" of any AR unit I've ever seen.

The Officers and Seniors getting coaches to dine out the RSM, leaving the blokes at Nook Camp with nothing to do, not even a bar.

A Captain giving a nasty, spiteful b*llocking in front of his subordinates and a notably handsome WO2 from another unit, for being slightly late at the Armskote.
Just how much five minutes before over ran for that notably handsome Wo2 resulting in his tardiness
I was last in Vauxhall Camp about 40 years ago. A nicer loc than Nook Camp!
I always thought that Knook was okay. Now Rollestone, though . . .

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But as we know, regulars aren't immune to that particular disease... (see: sundry threads on toxic COs and GOCs, as witnessed by the schadenfreude when they get caught breaking COVID rules / fiddling their kids' school fees / abusing their staff car privileges / writing edicts about sandwiches, dinner party seating, or biscuits for morning coffee).
I’m not saying the Regulars don’t have their fair share - just that my formation at that point in time was ‘blessed’ with a high quotient of below average TA officers.

It isn’t a competition:wink:
The blokes I know are doing everything they can to get things done by keeping the PSAO at arms length from what I can gather.
That sounds like a Gurkha PSAO I had the misfortune to have dealings with a few years ago. Bright as a low energy lightbulb with English as an optional extra he never bothered with, I was only there briefly but he made every second seem like a life time.......


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101 Bn, HQ is in Wrexham, one Coy in Prestatyn, the others in England. All nowhere near Monmouth though.
Bn HQ is now in Keynsham (near Bristol). ;)

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