PSAO looses it on ArmyNET?

Whats the world coming to. An ex-PSAO slagging off regular CO's on ArmyNET, surely thats not allowed. Thats for this site :D

Its the newest one on the TA forum
Damn, before we know it Armynet will have taken over from Arrse as the first choice for a rant...
I reckon it is a plant to drive up interest...

Boring - no swearing, no dirt, no pictures - get him into the NAAFI Bar!

WH - I know I owe you those 2 docs - tomorrow pm.
Yeh, and his ArmyNet homepage just gives his current unit which is back in the loggies. Oh well.

Edited: Except - the responder to the allegations (confirming the departure) at least used to be in *3(V). Data aggregation - isn't it terrible.

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