Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Arters, Nov 4, 2012.

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  1. My Grandson has dropped a subtle hint that he wants a PS3 for

    Not being into things like this, the question is this....

    Is the 12gb OK? he only wants to use it for playing games at home.

    Your input will be most appreciated.
  2. Not a game nerd but I do have a ps3. 12gb will be fine.
  3. If you can stretch for slightly more memory, do it. Most games install some data, and then after release will have patches to download for the games he's installed. This will chew through 12gb reasonably quickly if he's got more than a few games.
  4. Price is not really an issue....what should I buy?
  5. as above 12gb would be useless so buy one with a decent sized hard drive
  6. Go for the most memory possible,when you consider that PC gamers often have in excess of 500 GB of memory on their rigs then it should put 12 GB into perspective.

    I have 250 GB on my Xbox alone.
  7. OK - for a change I can give you some half decent advice. When you have a ps3 a lot of games want to store info on the harddrive so its quicker when playing than reading the dick. Given that ALL ps3 games use blurays you can imageine thats a lot of data. You reallly need a bigger harddrive im afraid.

    However the prices are quite low (compared to what they used to be). So get him a 160/320 gb if you can afford it. If not try and get another relative to chip in as it will make the consol much more playable.

    Fair play to you though. Most I ever got out of the grand parents was 10 quid at xmas.

    EDIT - just seen you said you arn't to bothered about the money. Get him a 160 gb model then. It will be enough to do all he needs. Also with a ps3 you can download games from the internet. You don't have to pay for many of these as they are trailers of new games and give you an idea if you would want to splash the cash on the full thing.

    And given that it's Arrse, if you are going to get him a ps3 you are going to have to get him the new black ops with it (if hes old enough).
  8. There is some confusion here. The PS3 12GB has 12 GB of memory, but no hard disk. Other posters are referring to hard disk size (I-C-H means he has a 250GB drive in his xbox, not 250GB memory).

    The new super-slim PS3 comes with 12GB memory, and no hard drive. Supposedly, a hard drive can be added later. The problem is that many games need hard disk space, for saves, installs, and updates/patches. Get the slightly older PS with at least a 160GB hard disk, the price difference isnt that much. And even the 250GB model is under £200 online.
  9. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    They do a 12GB model these days? I got mine, the fat old version, during release week - over five years ago now? Even then they were selling with a minimum of 30GB. I can't even imagine the slimline consoles sacrificing HDD capacity for physical size as a they're all standard size devices.

    I've filled 30GB easy and I'm not a console gamer. 12GB would be utterly pointless. Buy the biggest you can find - but bear in mind that I expect the PS4 to be out next Christmas.

    Edit: Just seen TL's post. Things make more sense now. A PS3 with no HDD would be almost inoperable for any normal gaming so stay well clear!
  10. Cheers, sammym.
    Me n Her are off for a trip round this afternoon, we'll go for the 160gb.

    If they try to flannel me with tech info, they'll just get a blank look and an answer
    that includes 'I like Pear Drops, do you'?

    Thanks again, I'll keep you informed.
  11. A PS3
  12. Very witty, you fcuking haemorrhoid!

    Tesco in Batley, 160gb, £188, so that's one prezzie upstairs.
  13. Thinking of getting a PS3. What's the biggest size now on the market? Haven't had a console for about 15 years, cos I'm a dinosaur
  14. You do know that you can lob any size hard drive you want into one

    They are old hat now anyway.
  15. Last I checked there wasn't much price difference between the ps3 and ps4