PS3.XBOX or Wii which is best

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by WhiteHorse, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. Hello All,
    I'm after some advice on which console is best for famiy frendly games etc, kids are 10 and below, but would like to play some shootem ups now and again.

    All advice greatly appreciated

  2. A Wii is the way forward for family games, however shoot em ups are few and far between. Plus you will lose out graphically. A PS3 would suit a serious gamer, but there are less family orientated games out there.
    The Xbox has a wider selection of games than the other two, and has excellent compatibility with windows for media sharing, streaming.

    If you have a look at the games available for each compare them that way, you might find it easier to answer your question!
  3. Kids under 10, then it has to be a wii. Call of Duty is also pretty good on the Wii
  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    Personally, I went Xbox360 - the kiddie type games are there if you look, although you dont have the gimmick of the wii controller - the prices are very competitive against the Wii. MS have put an awful lot of effort into the online experience as well.
    PS3 ? imho it doesnt have the games as yet (in the way that GT, Wipeout etc sold the PS1 and Gt3 sold the PS2) and blu-rays not worth it as yet either in my view. (although that will change when they release the Alien series on br...) in the meantime if you buy the 360 Elite you'll get an upscaling dvd player if you dont have one already.
    get yourself down to gamestation - when I bought mine 18 months ago I got the console, extra controller and load of games (and I mean at least a dozen - some s/hand, but fully guaranteed) and Guitar Hero with the controller for less than £500 - they've only gotten cheaper since then.
  5. I bought the PS3 just over a year ago... I think I would have gone for Xbox on reflection...Fits in with the rest of MS world. I mean £300 for a console that cannot play AVI in native format...I did not do enough research before buying..Got caught up in the hype.... £300 for something that is not ready....
  6. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it'll only take some decent games to make it worthwhile - and some decent br releases at reasonable prices (I mean, who *really* needs to see sluts in the city in hd at £20 a pop? apart from the gayers. ;) ) as soon as the Alien series is out on br, I'll probably get one myself... if they had a bigger game and better br titles out already it would have been a no-brainer, even at the p1sstaking prices Sony are charging for the hardware...
  7. Clearly you haven't watched any Blue ray films on a HDTV, it is awsome. Upscalers are complete cra p, You cannot produce something that was never there. I got my new PS3 for £179 well worth it for Blue ray alone.
  8. I wouldn't go Xbox if you want to play online, the other two consoles are free to play online. PS3 Has one "Child Friendly" game, little big planet. The best probably would be Wii, but you'll lose out on FPS, unless you dont mind rail shooters. But hey, you can't have it all!
  9. Duty rumor has it that for every PS3 sony sells at £300, they lose £165, so if this is true the PS3 is a bargain. Most of the games out for XBox are also on PS3. Having played both consoles I'd say the difference in price is worth it, unless you really want to play Halo 3 that badly, but TBH, why would you want to?
  10. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    'Clearly you haven't watched any Blue ray films on a HDTV, it is awsome.'

    I have - my father has all the kit, when I was theirs over christmas I saw several - my point is they werent the films *I* want to see in hd - ref my comments re the Alien br's when they eventually see the light of day. and what of the br discs where the studio have taken a bog average print of the film and done a sloppy transfer? kind of misses the point in my view. If I am going to replace my existing dvd collection at £15-20 a pop, I want to know I'm going to get my moneys worth.

    'Duty rumor has it that for every PS3 sony sells at £300, they lose £165, so if this is true the PS3 is a bargain. Most of the games out for XBox are also on PS3. Having played both consoles I'd say the difference in price is worth it, unless you really want to play Halo 3 that badly, but TBH, why would you want to?'

    so I should get down on my knees and thank Sony? ich, dont think so. especially after coming out with lines like 'it doesnt matter how much we charge for the PS3 - people will pay it.' which they did, in the run up to the PS3's release. I've played both, and if I wanted a console with next to nothing (relatively) in the back catalogue gameswise I would have bought a PS3. as it is, I have a 360, and I'm quite happily not only playing Halo 3, but Halo Wars, PGR 3 and 4, Forza 2, Race Driver Grid, Bioshock, HAWX and loads of others.
    whats that Sooty? you can't get any of the Halo, PGR or Forza games on the PS3? well dont I just feel like a mug now then... ;)
  11. Couldn't care less about Halo- All three have been mediocre at best and I really don't understand the obsession over them. Prefer the resistance games myself. Racing games I don't play, so thats horses for courses. Look around a gameshop and most of the games are on both consoles at the same price. I also don't have to pay to play online, nor do I have to buy a blu-ray player to watch High Def movies. With all that I think the PS3 is better value for money, so enjoy your inferior console. :wink:
  12. Not wanting to get stuck on the br selling point too much but you make valid points. The point I made about the upscaler is equally relevant to older films that are on br and I just cant recommend or justify buying them. The fact remains that for £179 I got myself a blue ray player. If you like films have surround sound and all the gubbins then you should have a PS3, sometimes I play games on it.

    I have to admit I despise microsoft products with such venom that I would never purchase Xbox.
  13. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    fair enough - £179 is a good price - if I'd seen one at that rate I'd have gone for it meself.
  14. I bought a brand new Xbox 360 last Easter for my 10 and 12 year olds and within 3 months suffered the red rings of death, que a 2-3 week wait for MS to replace the board. The kids enjoyed it though but I sold it before Xmas to buy (secondhand) a PS3 from a workmate as the kids said they'd like one. This worked fine untill New Years eve when the Blu-ray packed in, but only had to wait 4 days until Sony sent a replacement. They both prefer the PS3 as there's not, in their opinion, much difference in graphics and the online play is free, they also prefer shoot em ups and driving/racing games. We also have a Wii which up until getting a wii fit board was largely unused once the novelty had worn off. A while back my eldest was online with the headset and was saying that there were some people with strange accents on, Americans apparently. Later my youngest was online and said there were some people on and he couldn't tell what they were saying, apparently they were from Barnsley-8 miles away.
  15. Agreed, where did you get it from?