PS3 vs XBox

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Mr Happy, Aug 19, 2010.

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  1. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I first asked this question ("what is better") 3 years ago and at that time the XBox 360 community was quite vocal about their superiority. However, having owned a PS1 & 2 I went ahead and bought the PS3 regardless. Only yesterday did I get to see an XBox 360 in action.

    Maybe it was a bad demo but it didn't look a patch on my PS3.

    I'm just wondering, like Oasis vs Blur, is the argument won or is it still on going?

    With my 360 I can play some very good FPS games, I can store media files for playing music or pictures at a party, I have the ability to plug in my external HD and watch movies I've borrowed from the internet, paly Blu-Ray movies, I can sync with my laptp and a ton of other features (BBCi Player) that I don't make use of.

    The XBox 360 didn't seem to have much of the same. Did I make the right decision? Or was the XBox demo I received just not very good?...
  2. I have a PS3 and my son a 360, I think he has a better selection of games (as in choice), he spends most of his time on line shouting at French and American campers what ever they are. I like the thinking type of game which are badly supported by Sony but if you want to drive , play football or kill everything that walks the earth the PS3 is very good.
  3. I've owned both. My 360 died on me about 18months ago, so I then bought a PS3.
    I went with the PS3 because of the price coming down on them, the ability to play Blu-Rays, and the fact that online gaming was free, plus more of my friends had the PS3 so I could borrow/steal games and compete online with them.

    I can't comment on the difference in graphics as I played the 360 on a normal TV, and I now play the PS3 on a HDTV.

    However, as cbgramc has stated, I think there is a wider choice of games for the 360 and personally I preferred the controller of the 360 (feels more solid than the PS).

    So to finally answer your question, no, it hasn't been settled which console is best. It seems to be horses for courses. Like everything, people have their own preferences.
  4. If you read the article regarding the advert, the manufacturer of the affected game did state that the footage shown was from rendered video and not in game footage anyway so I wouldn't give it too much thought. Using FMV has been a ploy of Sony since the PS1 days. There are hardly any exclusives worth worrying about on PS3 so just buy the system that most of your mates are using online. Although you have to pay for xbox live most people think it is worth it when compared to the free PSN.
    The 360 is generally cheaper and more games are available 2nd hand. Reliability issues are pretty much in the past now.
  5. One game I would play on the PS3 -- Killzone. I was a big fan of the original and I wish I could have played the second without buying a console.
  6. My little brother has gone through 3 xboxes with the 'red ring of death'. my ps3? not a hiccup. My brother's xbox is reminiscent of a hoover. my ps3? silent as a mouse. ps3 is stylish with a sturdy and 'solid' feel to it. x box feels like it is made with a few pieces of plastic as cheap as possible. i feel safe and confident with the sony product whereas with the 360 i would constantly be worried about it breaking. no contest in my eyes.
  7. went for the PS3 for price and practicabilty. The PS3 in one console gave me wireless and blu ray ontop. Blu ray was an interesting one, as the console was cheaper than equivalent blu ray only players.
    Hvae had no problems, but having been PS2 previously, have no 360 experience to compare/contrast - tho the xbox green is rather vile in hue and tone...... Black is the new black...

    [hangs head at interior decorating/pastel matching criteria used to judge consoles]
  8. You could have gone for a 360 and had to pay to play online but be unable to watch anything more sophisticated than a DVD. Increasing the size of your HD would be alot more pricey than swapping out a generic laptop hard drive. On the upside the controller for the 360 is bigger. Wow.
  9. I know its a bone point but the xbox controller has a nicer feel to it .I find the sony 1 too small for my mashed hands
  10. I am an XBOX owner and was thinking bout buying a PS3, however a number of friends who own PS3s had technical problems with the consoles, Sony were not interested in sorting them out or any kind of assistance. I know the XBOX ring of death was more common but at least Microsoft had a support plan. All but one of them has switched to XBOX!

    Its personal pref at the end of the day, both fantastic consoles.

    To get a bit geeky, MIT and some big UK Universities are tinkering with XBOXs in there technology/engineering dept as the hardware architecture is better than the PS3, and they can do more with it.
  11. I have both and for gaming its a no contest XBOX wins hands down only ever use the PS3 to watch blu-ray discs
  12. I agree with Sandy.

    People talk about the RROD on the Xbox, but my mate has had to send his PS3 off to specialist guys 3 times in the past 3 years for repairs, as it'd stop reading the discs. It wasn't cheap.

    I had the RROD once, and I spoke to Microsoft (who were surprisingly helpful) and they sent me a new Xbox console.

    I'd rather pay the £5 for the Xbox online play, as the PS3 doesn't compare.
  13. I've had both and I preferred the XBox. No, it doesn't come with wifi or blu-ray, but I found it far more user friendly, and there were a lot more games. Downside, as has been pointed out, was its noise (but I was using it in South Africa where it got a bit toasty in the summer).

    I don't dislike the PS3, but it's a damn site more expensive and a slightly less enjoyable experience for games.

    P.S. I got around the wifi issue by buying a wifi extender with a LAN socket in the back and I plugged the XBox into that (they didn't sell XBox wifi units in SA at the time).
  14. I got the E74 Error message once. I e-mailed Microsoft and they sent me a label for me to send it off with. UPS came, took it away and I found, through tracking the order number, it had arrived in Germany the next day. Four days after that I recieved a brand new shiny console and free Live membership.

    I haven't had a PS3, but I wouldn't take one if someone offered to swap it for the 360.